Week 1


So I survived my first week at my new job!  It was a very tiring week, but overall it was good.  I like the company so far, everyone seems nice.  Its a very big company, so that will continue to be an adjustment for me, but I was able to hit the ground running and jump right in on some projects - which I'm thankful for.  I hate that lull time when you first start a job and you don't really have much to do yet. 

Denver seems to be a pretty cool city too.  We went out to dinner last week in a cool little area called Highlands.  It was all strung with christmas lights and there were shops, restaurants and bars all within walking distance down this cute little street.  I'm looking forward to finding other cool little pockets like this.

The only major drawback to my situation so far, in my opinion, is the downtown parking.  City-wide the parking is expensive and limited, it seems.  I am not happy to have to pay for parking.  I have an option of taking the bus into town, which I may try next month, but that only works if you're schedule is completely regular and you have no appointments, meetings, etc.  I bought a month parking pass in a garage that I've been told by several people is the cheapest, and it cost $140! (grr)  I don't know if this is going to be the answer or not, but needed to get it for now while I figured things out. 

I'm loving all the holiday decorations downtown though.  I don't mind my walk into work, but its only November and I'm already freezing my Texan butt off.  I've already been seriously considering wearing nylons under my pants.  What am I going to do when its January??

Wish me luck with week #2!

I made this soup tonight to bring for lunch for the week.  It was a 1-pot meal, which I love, and it made a bunch.  Its another Pioneer Woman find!

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