Bike Ride

Clearly he hasn't had to work too hard for food
Nuzzling into the gravel
I thought this neighborhood looked like a movie set, it was so perfect!I was on a bike ride when I had my run in with the prairie dog yesterday. Here are some more photos from the same ride. The skies get really crazy looking when there's a storm. I wasn't very far from home, but we never did end up getting any weather by our house. I think Colorado just has very active looking skies!

I Have Some Very Talented Friends

A friend of mine is starting her own Interior Design business in Dallas. Here's a link to her website where she posts current projects, thoughts and inspirations. Check it out and follow her if you like what you see!

Trials of Moving

Ever had to wash everything you own? I have.
This is how our clothes arrived to us. Let me be clear that I'm not complaining, because I'm thankful that its here, but COME ON! 4 boxes down...2 to go.

Step #1 is admitting you have a problem

I'm Whitney and I'm a Crate & Barrel junkie ;)

Etsy Finds

{From top to bottom: Lamps from LampGoods, Beaded bracelet from Galit, Wall decal from NatureStyle, Pendant necklace from Aubepine, Retro owl print from LeeArthaus, and Flower brooch from PetalMix}
I did some Etsy browsing yesterday in search for a necklace and found some cool stuff!

New Garden Seats

Excited about my plastic adirondacks! I had a set before we moved to Kuwait but had to get rid of them in the move. After looking at several places, we found these yesterday at Lowe's! I love the color!

Oh Dear!

{Image from Martha Stewart}
Martha Stewart's lessons on how to pack and move include such gems as "even though it took about 20 round-trips to move all the china, not a single piece was broken or chipped". As one person commented - I bet she frowns upon using your clothes as packing materials :)
Read on for more tips on how to Move Like Martha!


{The above image is from a home in Wooster, Ohio - Who Knew!? See more images *here*}
Just two seconds of complaining...
Our furniture isn't going to arrive for another couple of weeks! I'm sitting here in a metal folding chair, drinking my instant coffee out of our only mug, nursing my sore back after sleeping on an air mattress for the first night and thinking about how we're going to do this for another couple of weeks!? :(
On a good note, its pretty outside today and the garden is nice to look at out the window :)

So far so good...

Picture from one of the many "open spaces" in and around our area. We saw TWO snakes on this walk, it totally freaked me out... but the view was awesome.


This post has nothing to do with anything except for my love of food (especially eggs!). I saw the picture above on Abbey Goes Design Scouting blog and am now craving this exact breakfast!

Back to reality, if I must....



{The above photo is from Carli Davidson. Click HERE to see the rest of the album and vote on your favorite!}


New places, new phone, new car! Its been a busy week! Still no word on our stuff, which was to be expected since they told us it wouldn't be here yet, but I think everyone that goes through a move hopes there will be a fluke and it all arrives early! Since we have no kitchen stuff, once we move in I'm going to have to go to the store and find some ready made meals that I can just heat. Any suggestions?


Its still hot here (nothing like Kuwait of course), but the sun seems a little more intense since we're so much higher up. I've really felt the effects of the altitude when I've been running. It'll be nice when the weather changes and the air starts to get that awesome crispness to it. Some of the stores already have Halloween stuff out. I know that's normal, but I haven't seen holiday stuff in a while so it seems weird!


I'm looking forward to being active again. I've found a master's swim class and a yoga studio nearby with reasonable prices. I've also been really wanting to get a bike and a snowboard, but we've been spending so much on all the move-related costs it feels hard to stomach a gym membership or athletic supplies too! Maybe I'll just keep running for a while.


My friend Lance posted a link to the above Dogs Shaking Off Water photos by Carli Davidson on facebook recently and I thought it was pretty funny. Hope it makes you smile too!

We're Here!

We arrived in Denver on Tuesday and we've been very productive since! We've found a house and will sign a lease in the next couple of days. We're going to stay in a hotel for another week or so to give our stuff a little more time to get here (although I think spending a couple nights sleeping on the floor waiting for our furniture may be unavoidable!).


We're excited about our new place. Its a small 3 bedroom townhome with a small garden and patio area. The garden out front is probably my favorite part, although I'm a little nervous about killing all the plants. They're on an automatic drip watering system - SURELY I can't screw that up, right?! Its in a very suburban area with TONS of running/bike paths, open spaces, and views to the mountains. There's tons of retail/restaurants nearby as well.


I'm excited to get in there and start setting everything up! Our next steps are to actually move in, buy a second car, and I'll start researching Interior Design firms (wish me luck). Lots of changes!


We're loving Colorado too. Its amazing that we just get to have the Rocky Mountains as our backdrop for the next two years. The part of the city we're living in is on the outskirts of town and is in suburban heaven. After living in Kuwait and missing the little things like walking outside, having conveniences such as a Walgreens on the corner, and as granola as it sounds... just being around nature, is all pretty exciting! I'm going to be Mrs. Suburbia for a while :)