Despite some complications caused by the dust storm, a friend of mine threw a baby shower here this weekend and I was able to help. I got the best role really, I got to help with the cute and fun stuff but not have to host it. All the guests got little chai tea mixes thanks to my mom's handy recipe & gift idea. She did this for a party several years ago and I've been wanting to copy the idea ever since. They turned out great and I thought I'd share.

After the Dust

Walkway the morning after the dust storm

Brown Everything

CLICK HERE to watch the YouTube video
We had THE WORST dust storm last night. I tried to get a video of it , but it was unbearable to be outside where I was. The dust was coming in every crack in our house (which never happened with any of the other dust storms). We were breathing it in and you could see it swirling under all our lights. We had to turn the air off, tape trash bags over our vents, and lock ourselves in our bedroom. We woke up this morning to a good coat of dust over everything. The floor in front of our patio doors are completely brown. My sinuses aren't doing too well this morning. I probably have a lb of dirt in my lungs! Here's a video someone here took. That's really how it was. Crazy!

Hummus, Or Something Similiar...

Tahini is sesame seed paste. It looks gross and it tastes exactly like sesame seeds. I found it in the cereal aisle of all places!

So far so good - letting the peas soak over night. Don't they loook gross? Like little toes or something.
The answer is no, it's not supposed to look like that.
I tried making my own hummus tonight for the first time. With my new mixer in hand, I blended away and came up with a giant flop. Not quite what I had in mind...
So after accidently flinging it all over the kitchen & my husband, and after my best efforts to try to add stuff to make it taste better (like half the bottle of olive oil) - I gave up. I can't get myself to throw it away though, so I may feed it to the street cats tomorrow... if they'll have it :)
I've made it one of my new goals to learn how to make good hummus while I'm over here. It's a staple to a lot of the regional meals and tastes much better here than it does in the States (in my opinion). I got the recipe that I tried tonight from my friend's mom, who is Armenian. I don't think it's the recipe's fault though. I think the spices are added mostly by taste, and since I have no idea what I'm doing, I added too much cumin and it tasted gross.
I'm not giving up though! I'll let you know how the next batch goes.


It rained so hard last week! I got so excited that I took an obscene amount of photos. I thought I'd share them with you so it wasn't a total waste!

This Week

{ Above is a fun image done by caligrapher Alison Carmichael, click here to see her blog & list of work}
I've done a horrible job of getting anything done this week, including posting/taking pictures. To be honest though, we didn't do much that was post-worthy! It was another long week followed by nights of crashing on the couch while catching up on Glee episodes (yes, I admit it - I'm addicted).
Anyways, enough complaining :) We've booked our hotel in Florence and have nailed down the cities we will be traveling to. We'll start in Florence and then work our way south, spend some time in the Amalfi Coast & Sulmona and then end in Rome. 4 days, in 4 cities each - can't complain! Now I get to shop for cute clothes!
It's a quiet Friday morning of internet searching, while I try to concoct something delicious to make for breakfast in my mind. Another cloudless blue sky day in Kuwait... Everyone have a great weekend!

Just Downloaded...

So there was this awesome song playing on the Weeds commercial that's on tv here and I did a little research to find out who it was. Turns out her whole cd is awesome and I wanted to share!
Here is the link to April Smith's Blog. The album name is "Songs for a Sinking Ship" and my favorite song so far is "Terrible Things". Her concert tour dates are on the link below. She'll be at La Zona Rosa in Austin on April 19th (so jealous!!).

Happy Weekend!

{Picture above from Photobucket}
It's been a LONG week! I can't wait to do nothing!
How can this photo not make you smile? We actually have little hedgehogs here. I've seen couple and they're as cute in person as they are in this photo. I've never tried to hold one up close though!

Phone Pics of the Week

Some snap shots of my daily views around town. Pretty huh? See why traveling elsewhere is so important? More Italy planning this weekend. I think we've narrowed our towns down to Rome, Florence & the Amalfi Coast. Now to start booking hotels!

So Excited!

{ Photo by Toshio }
Next trip planned? Check!
We've booked our flight for our Italy trip this summer, so I can officially say we're going! Now to start the fun planning of what we'll do while we're there :)