We're Off!

See you soon!

Road Signs

While driving in Normandy, we saw these cool signs that highlighted the exits for historical sights in the area. I know its silly, but I thought they were pretty cool! I like that they actually put some effort into it rather than just writing the name on a road sign. I guess that's France though. They seem to put more value in public artwork!

Thoughts for Today

{Image Above is from Apartment Therapy}

Our time in Kuwait is winding down and we're starting to prepare for another big move - this time back to the States! We're leaving earlier than expected, which has its drawbacks and benefits. We had wanted to do some more traveling, we're very sad to leave some close friends, and our home here was just starting to feel like a home. But we're very lucky to be moving back and our new location in Colorado has the potential to be pretty cool. There's tons to do and I'm looking forward to making up for all the time I've spent indoors here in Kuwait by being outside as much as possible in Colorado! I'm also looking forward to getting our pets back. I can't wait to walk my dog!


I'm debating whether or not to continue my blog. I'm leaning towards keeping it, although I'll no longer be abroad (for now anyways). I'll just have to see how it goes and see if the little bubble that I live in stays interesting enough to blog about :)


We leave this week for our next European vacation. I can't wait to share pictures!

Paris Continued: The Louvre

The Winged Victory of Samothrace

Statues on the ouside of the Louvre

Venus de Milo

The Seated Scribe 2620-2500BC

The Louvre itself was amazing. I know this is a crap picture, but the scale of some of the rooms was really cool.

The Mona Lisa...

...And her admirers

We spent several hours wandering around the louvre, and I still only feel like we scratched the surface. I read somewhere that it would take 9 months to see everything! We finally had to quit though when our feet wouldn't go any further. We weren't able to make it into every collection, which I was a little bummed about, but I knew ahead of time it was unrealitic to try.


Here are some random pictures that I snapped as we roamed around. I think our favorite collection was the Greek statues.

Comfort Food

I made cinnamon rolls from scratch today for the first time. I exercised some restraint since it's 3:00 in the afternoon right now and forced myself to put them in the freezer to bake in the morning, versus diving right in.


It was a fairly simple recipe though (and freez-able), so I thought I'd share! It's yet another Pioneer Woman favorite. I recently bought her cookbook. I know that most of the recipes are on her website as well, but the book is much handier than bringing your laptop in the kitchen. Plus so many of her recipes are now household favorites in our home, that I felt like I should buy her book and show my support!


Have a wonderful Sunday!

Paris Continued: St. Genevieve

When will it end!? Is that what you're thinking? Not yet is the answer. There is so much to see in Paris and I still have to share two more experiencese with you (not counting this one)!


This is the church of St. Genevieve. We just stumbled upon it as we walked up to the Pantheon (which we weren't able to go into). I loved all the patterns and details on the interior. St. Genevieve is credited for saving Paris from attack, by diverting Attila the Hun away from the city through prayer. Here's a little more on St. Genevieve, if you're interested.

Paris Continued: Normandy

We took a day trip to Normany while we were in France to see the D-Day Memorial. It was a quick trip out there and back, but it was cool to see something besides the city. It was a little strange how quickly we were able to rent a car and just start cruising through the countryside! The memorial was very sad, but amazing to see. It's beautifully maintained with a view of Omaha Beach in the background.

Paris Continued: Notre Dame

When we visited Notre Dame there was a service taking place and they were burning incense, so my camera struggled a little with the smoke & the dim light. It was amazing just the same though. It kind of felt weird to be observing people as they sat in church though, like they were on display too. The entrance was probably my favorite part.