Did You Know...


...That Honeysuckle was announced as Pantone's color of the year?  Did you know that there was even a process to select the color of the year?  Did you also know that there's a whole team of people who's job is to come up with the color forecast of the year, which then go on to influence fashion, design, etc.? 

What I want to know is - how did these people find this job, and where do I apply?

Figs, Goat Cheese & Carmelized Onions


Sound good? How about Spoon, Fork, Bacon?  Nuff said.  Discovered this site yesterday.  The recipes look amazing and the pictures are fantastic.

Quote of the Day

I saw this quote today featured on Abbey Goes Design Scouting and liked it.  I feel like it applies to my world right now as I slowly put together a house out of the chaos that comes with moving overseas, continue my search for a new job, and discover what our world looks like in Colorado.  We recently received our stuff that had been put in storage when we first moved to Kuwait.  I'm slowly going through it all and asking the question "If I've lived without you for 2 years, why do I need you now?".  That being said, I've come across some old treasures that I forgot I had - like old pictures.
More on the progression of our unpacking to come...

Molly's Baby Shower!

I got to co-host a baby shower for one of my best friends this weekend!  Here are some detail shots from the day!  I'm kind of proud of my diaper cake :)

New Shows!

{Above Image from Fox.com}

LOVED the New Girl!  Watch it for free now on Fox!

Colorado Honey Wine

One of the things we bought at the Boulder Farmers Market was locally made honey wine.  It was different, but really good!  I learned that honey wine is just honey that has been watered down so that it will ferment, and then left alone for a year.  The amount of water added determines the sweetness of the wine.  Its similiar to mead, I believe, but more wine-like (??).  Anyways, thought it was interesting and thought I'd share in case anyone else had never heard of Honey Wine.
This is the vendor we purchased from!
{Above picture is from our trip to Tuscany earlier this summer}

What We're Up To Today

The Trials of High Altitude Baking

Yesterday I tried my hand at baking for the first time since we moved to Colorado.  I've made the same chocolate chip cookie recipe probably well over one hundred times, but this time they didn't turn out quite like they should.  My first, and easiest mistake to fix, was to not look at the high altitude baking modification before I finished preparing the dough.  Once I remembered to look for one, it was too late to remove some of the sugar but wasn't too late to add a little flour and water.  I added what the prescribed and the batter still looked a lot more sticky than it should have.  So I added a little more flour until it was a more appropriate consistency.  The cookies ended up tasting fine in the end, but were a little flatter and crispier than normal. 
Will have to try again soon!  What a good challenge :)

Blog Update

{The above image is from Apartment Therapy}

I'm not sure if its necessary for me to tell you this, but I'm going to anyways :)  I recently got some spam on my blog.  I try not to be too specific with brands, locations, items, etc. so that my site doesn't show up on a bunch of internet searches for the wrong reasons.  In an effort to further avoid this, I've now made it so that only members of my site are able to comment.  This isn't to discourage comments (because I love them!), but it is to discourage unwanted spam.
So join my site and comment all you want!  Thanks, as always, for visiting!

Great Success!

We have our season passes to a couple of the ski resorts and we know where we're going to rent our equipment from! 
Also we checked out the Boulder farmers market this weekend.  It was super busy, but there was tons of cool stuff to buy.  We tried some homemade soft pretzels, a local honey wine, a gyro, beef jerky, and some homemade caramel.  Next time we go I'm trying the espresso and the breakfast tacos!  I'm slowly eating my way across Boulder ;)  The second image above is of them roasting peppers.  They smelled amazing, but I didn't try one - it seemed a little early in the day for roasted peppers.
It'll be nice when it gets a little bit cooler out.  I love the farmer's market in Austin, and this one definitely was a good competitor!

Nutshell of the Week

Our experience in Kuwait is hard to sum up, but things like this may give you a glimpse of why people there might have the sudden daily urge to put their head throw a wall.
A friend of ours on facebook posted the following excerpt from the newspaper:
"Police arrest maid: Police have arrested an Asian housemaid for allegedly 'ruining' the family of her sponsor through black magic"
"The arrest came when a Kuwaiti in his 40s filed a complaint with the police that seven days after hiring the housemaid there was a high degree of confusion in his home and he suspected the maid of doing black magic. The man added the children complained of suffering from illusions and they looked terrified"

Indulge in some celebrity gossip :)

I'm addicted to Suri's Burn Book, it's hilarious. Imagine what Suri Cruise would have to say about some of the other celebrity babies if she had a burn book. If you have some time to kill, you wont regret it :)
And here are a few of my favorites...

The Brown Wedding Weekend

I'm back from Ohio! I had a great week participating in all the pre-wedding and wedding festivities that went along with the wedding of Emily & Jerrod. Emily put a lot of hard work into the details of the wedding. Most things were made on a budget and by the bride herself. Everything turned out so great! Here are some photos that only one of the Matrons of Honor could get :)

I'm off to Ohio!

Its not quite Fall, but its almost here. I love Ohio in the Fall. I took the above picture two Octobers ago around Amish country.
Be back in a week!