More Snow Please!

Check out my sweet moves :)
We went to the mountains for the first time the day after Thanksgiving.  We haven't gotten a lot of snow yet this year, so the runs were limited.  I enjoyed it because we're not very picky with our snow, but I hear people at work complain all the time.  Even cancel trips because it's "just not worth it".  You can see the plants sticking out of the snow behind me in this shot.  They make fake snow in the mountains, but they need the real stuff too!

Happy Place

{Photo by Michelle, courtesy of Gardenista}
Doesn't it look like fairies & gnomes should live here?

Christmas Spirit

Courthouse in Boulder, CO
Did the holidays sneak up on anyone else this year?  It seems like there should have been a quiet pause before Thanksgiving, and then the inevitable roll into Christmas afterwards.  Maybe its because we stayed home?  I don't know, but I feel like everything is early.  Although I know it isn't.  I've been enjoying all the surprises though.  There's an ice rink and giant tree setup across the street from my work, so when I come out to go home I am greeted with Christmas music.  Also, our second floor office overlooks a downtown mall.  So when you look out across the office, all you can see is the Christmas lights in all the trees.  All we need now is snow!  Yesterday it was cold enough, but nothing more than flurries.
Bring it on!

Happy Thanksgiving

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday weekend!  Here's a photo of our Thanksgiving table right before the feast! :)

If You're Feeling Crafty

{Photo courtesy of How About Orange}
I thought these were pretty cute.  Check out how to make your own Pantone magnets over at How About Orange.

Ah, Vegas...


We spent the weekend in Vegas.  It was a lot of fun, but I'm not sure if its the city for me, to be honest.  I found it frustratingly expensive, without quality to reason out the price.  BUT I came home with $130 after going with $100, so I feel good about that (woohoo! big spender, I know!)! 
There was a ton to see and our room was AMAZING.  It was probably my favorite part of the trip, especially the super comfortable bed.  If you ever go to Vegas, I HIGHLY recommend staying at the Aria.  The photo above of the Vdara hotel is from our view on the 37th floor.
We drove out to the Hoover Dam one day, which was cool.  I recommend seeing it, but renting a car and not doing any tours was the best way to go.  I'm glad we didn't try to do a tour.  Being on our own time schedule was so nice and much cheaper than a tour.
I saw my first Cirque du Soleil show and it was awesome.  We saw Mystere at Treasure Island.  I would like to check out more of their shows and see how different they all are.  I looked it up, and there are 20 different shows now.  I think this was one of their originals.
I don't know when or if we'll ever go back, but I'm glad I went and we had a lot of fun!  Now for Thanksgiving!

The Future is Here

{Image Courtesy of}
3D printers for your home are here.  Check out Cubify.

Bring on the Snow!

This is our forecast for tonight.  I'm sitting here drinking my pumpkin spice coffee blend in my robe, the house is quite except for our cat that is dramatically darting from one hiding spot to another, and outside has that distinct snow grey overcast look.  I can just imagine flurries starting any minute!  I LOVE saturday mornings at home.  They're just the best!
I was sad that I missed our first snow of the season when we were in Ohio a couple of weeks ago.  All that was left when we came back was some residual salt on the roads, but no signs of snow anywhere.
We have such a busy winter coming up, that I've been taking this weekend and have been trying to get some serious shopping done.  I've bought quite a few presents, but am still stumped on a couple people!  Yesterday I spent the day feverishly cleaning.  I feel like I have to get a lot done on this off weekend.
We head to Vegas next weekend!  I can't wait to see our hotel, the Aria.  Its supposed to be awesome!  Then Thanksgiving!!

Public Art

{Photo courtesy of CONTEMPORIST}
This work of public art called the Portal of Awareness in Mexico City caught my eye this week when it was featured on Contemporist.