I've Missed Texas Skies

I've failed at being a photographer so far on this trip, so I'm trying to make up for it in the last week here. I'll be back on that plane before I know it!

Week 1

I've been back in the States for 4 days now and can officially cross off numbers 1, 5, part of 7 (its snowing now!), 8 (although I will continue to savor the fresh air throughout my trip), & 9 off my to do list from my last post. Its been so nice seeing everyone and comforting how quickly I can slip back into a world of sanity :)
Yesterday I was sitting at a light and the two cars in the front of the traffic line were talking through their windows and obviously missed the light turning green. Everyone behind us just waited patiently as the two cars in front realized their tardiness. It was hilarious. In Kuwait everyone would be honking obnoxiously the second it turned green, if not before!
I've been very busy so far visiting everyone. I did a horrible job packing for this trip and have severely underestimated how cold the snow is! I'm making due though and looking forward to doing some shopping soon. I forgot my little pocket camera though :( so I've only taken a couple pictures so far with my big camera. I'm pretty bummed I forgot it, but am trying to make due. Its hard to get the candid shots with friends with a huge camera, plus its a pain to carry around. I'll have to borrow everyone else's little cameras while I'm visiting, so prepare yourself!
I'm thoroughly enjoying not having any real obligations. I've finished one book so far and have eagerly dove into another. It's been too cold to do the jogging I was looking forward to, but I hope to do it in Texas when I get there.
More to come as I continue my visit to the States! Above are some shots I took this morning as a new batch of snow hit Ohio.


I'm finally going home to visit friends and family! It hasn't even hit me yet that I'm leaving soon. I don't know if it will until I see someone. I'm so ready to be back. It'll have been over 11 months since I've seen anyone. Way too long!
I thought I'd share 10 simple things that I can't wait to do when I get back!
(This obviously doesn't include seeing friends and family & relaxing, which are the obvious #1 things I can't wait to do)

#1 - Walking my dog!
#2 - Walking out the front door (any front door really) and going for a jog around a neighborhood (Can't do that here!)
#3 - Getting my hair cut at my salon
#4 - Shopping at Target
#5 - Eating a Chipotle burrito
#6 - Eating mexican food in Texas!! (always about food, I know...)
#7 - Seeing snow & rain
#8 - Breathing fresh air
#9 - Not seeing any dishdashas or abayas
#10 - Seeing greenery (grass, trees, anything)

2011 Celebrations from Around the World

This is pretty cool. This site shows pictures of how cities around the world celebrated New Year's Eve. The above picture is of the the fireworks display on the Burj in Dubai (where we just were!) at midnight on New Year's Eve. Cool huh? There are tons of cool pictures. Its definitely worth scrolling through if you have the time.