Memorial Day Weekend!

I hope everyone had a great weekend!  We are back today from a week in Ohio visiting friends and family.  It was a whirlwind trip, as we tried to visit with as many people as we could.  I'll post more about it later, but look at all the cherries that I was able to salvage from the birds when we got home!  They have been having a feast in our yard, but I was able to grab quite a few.  Hopefully we'll get more.  I don't know how cherry trees work....

Catch Up!

We have been quite busy up here in Colorado!  I've been taking pictures of all that we've been doing, but I haven't been good about posting our pictures - so this will be a long post! 
I always have a dozen differen't projects either in my head or half started, and my recent goal was to get all the big ones done before our busy summer began.  It would be impossible to finish them all, but I'm happy with all the progress we've made!
To start... I finally finished that other nightstand table for our bedroom!  I had started and finished the first one WEEKS ago, but the second one proved to be difficult and I didn't have the patience for it for several weeks, so I kept putting it off - and worse - starting new projects instead :)

This little table had wood veneer, wood stain, and 2 different colors of paint on it already, so I had to remove some of those layers before I felt like I could add another finish to it.  We tried to sand it down, as I posted previously, and that didn't work.  So we had to do a finish stripper and then prime it, which was something we'd never done before.  I think it turned out great though and its SO nice to have a night stand again!
Next, I recently bought a sewing machine and have been trying to teach myself how to sew.  I'm not very good at it, but I'm learning...  I've been making little makeup bags out of the fabric swatches I have laying around at work.  I don't know if picking something with a zipper to start on was the best idea, but they're starting to actually resemble something someone may want to use. 
I bought some great fabric from my friends over at Pink Door Fabrics.  Aren't they cute?
I tried my hand at making a table runner.  It has some major flaws, and I think I need an inner layer to thicken it up (it kind of feels like an empty pillow case...), but I like it :)
Next, I got extra ambitious and decided I wanted to try to paint our end tables and coffee tables (I'm a little out of control with the painting, I know).  The tables we currently have are a very dark brown, but appear black.  They have a shiny finish that attracts every crumb and ever dust particle in the house and it drives me nuts because they always look dirty.  Plus I thought it'd be fun to paint them a bright color. 
They have some lattice on the side though, that was going to be a pain in the butt to sand, so I wanted to try priming them and just spray painting them as is, and it worked!
I first started with a test piece, to see if I would even like the spray paint color or if it was going to be too crazy. 
Next we had to prime them.  The one on the left has primer on it and the one on the right is what it looked like before.
Next, after a couple coats of primer we could start with the green.  It took A LOT of coats to get it nice and even.  We don't have a yard really, so we had to create a spray painting area in the garage and just drape drop cloths everywhere. 
My husband actually did most of the painting. I proved to be too impatient for this task. My spray painting was erratic and he was much more patient with it. So I just kept a steady supply of water and beer into the garage and he finished all three for me!
Here's the finished product!
My husbands first beers on tap were ready this week as well, so we toasted our achievements with some homebrew.
Last, our garden is starting to get very green!  We have some fruit planted in our yard that was here when we moved in, but I also tried my hand at a couple different kinds of vegetables this year.  Its my first time really gardening, so I hope everything continues to flourish!
Some green peppers and jalapenos
Our cherry tree is getting heavy with fruit and I was so excited to see some of them starting to ripen!
 So were the birds though, apparently....
Our grape vines have teeny tiny little grape bunches on them!
I planted 2 tomato plants and one cherry tomato plant.  There's also a little pot of basil next to it.  I think they may be getting too much water at the moment, so keep your fingers crossed they grow!  We've been getting lots of rain and the big pots are really too heavy to carry back to the garage... so they're just going to have to tough it out I guess.
And last, I planted some strawberries.  Look at the mutant one in the bottom right... ewww :)

My Favorite Chocolate - for now :)

{Above image from the Chocolove website}

Ever since Jeni's Ice Cream exposed me to the wonder of salted caramel ice cream, I've been a little obsessed. 

The starbucks drink didn't live up to the salted caramel name, but I continued the search...

These cute little chocolate bars by Chocolove are made in Boulder and they're awesome.  They have 20 cool flavors, but I'm here to tell you that the Almonds & Sea Salt in Dark Chocolate is my newest favorite chocolate bar. 

From Today's Web Browsing

{Above image is from the Olafur Eliasson website}
I thought this was pretty cool.