Snow Day

{Above Image is from My Colorado Life}

We went snowboarding today for the first time in a while and it kicked my butt!  In fact... I have a bruised butt and knee to prove it!  It was fun though and we got to check out Copper Mountain for the first time.  It was weird to just go snowbaording with little to no prep.  Usually when we go to the mountains its on a planned vacation.  The only downside to just going on a whim, though, is that in order to miss the traffic you have to leave our house really early - like 6am on a Saturday early!  I had to reward myself with a egg nog latte as incentive.

I need to seriously work on my snowboarding skills though, if this is going to be a regular thing.  I was ready to curl into the fetal position (on the mountain or off the mountain - I didn't care at the time) after about 3 hours!

A friend posted this video on facebook and I thought it was kind of cool, hope you do too :)

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