Oh Boulder...


You just never know when you'll be in need for some divine light, but if you ever are - I know a place ;) 

At least the trees are pretty, huh?

The Boulder Teahouse

My mom and I stopped in the Boulder Teahouse and it was pretty cool!  Their dishes were arab inspired and they had a ton of tea options.  My mom, a picky tea drinker, liked hers and they had other tea infused drinks and cocktails if you weren't in the mood for hot tea.

Sandy Skoglund @ the D.A.M.

I've liked Sandy Skoglund since I discovered her work in college.  There's a permanent exhibit of her Fox Games at the Denver Art Museum and we went and checked it out last weekend.  Here's a link to her website if you're curious about her other work.  I think Revenge of the Goldfish is still my favorite.

Oh My

These look way too easy to make.  Oreo Truffles from The Girl who ate Everything.


I found some tables to refinish as nightstands this weekend!  Let the sanding begin!.  I think I'm just going to finish them white for now.  I wanted to do a fun color, but I think with our current bedroom - white will look best.  Boring... I know.  I can always re-paint, right?
I also bought a sewing machine!  Just in time for my mom to come up for a visit and show me how to use it :)

Cork Collection

{Above image from Bramble Workshop}
I have been saving our corks for a long time now and have been brainstorming on cool ways to use them.  I have come up with plenty of ideas, but haven't pulled the trigger on one yet.  I saw this today though, it will go into my mental log of cork inspiration.  Aren't store windows cool?  I'd like that to be my profession in another life....

See the entire window collection and other cool displays here.

She's Back!

{Photo Above from The Bundt Cake}
Molly's back to baking and blogging!  She recently posted this amazing looking recipe and I can't wait to try it!  I think you all should too :)

Check out The Bundt Cake

Well I did it...

I rode the bus to and from work today without incident.  Day 2, here I come!  Does the savings I'm gaining for not paying for parking rationalize more shopping?  Because this 70 degree weather is making me want to buy spring clothes!

Photo from under the big blue bear statue by the convention center downtown.

Me: 0, Plants: Too many to count

Yet here we go again...  One day my thumb will be green!

(The colored pots I bought in Kuwait at the grocery store :)

Our Visit to the Springs

We met up with some friends in Colorado Springs this weekend and explored the Garden of the Gods a bit.  It was very cool.

Rodents Falling from the Sky

My husband and I went on a run last weekend.

So we're running and we pass under this tree and there's a big rustle in the branches above us.  Out of nowhere, a dead opossum comes free falling out of the tree and lands about a foot from we are! 

We think a bird was eating it and we scared it when we ran under the tree.  What kind of crazy Colorado birds eat possums!?  SOOO gross....

I couldn't find a pictures that quite went with this post :)

Last Weekend

Here are some pictures of our mini vacation with Megan & Randy.  The top picture was taken on the road on the way to Boulder.  That's Boulder in the distance.  Pretty cool, huh?  I still can't get over how you can just see for miles here.

We spent some time in Boulder, we went to the brewery again :), and then spent two days in the mountains.  I'm finally getting a little better at snowboarding!  I had no major falls and was able to come down with some speed.  Jason however, tried to do some jumps and landed on his shoulder wrong :(  So he's still recovering from that.

The snow was pretty awesome in the mountains and the weather was perfect.  I definitely agree that February is the best time to come to Colorado if you're looking to ski/snowboard! 

We went to an unfinihsed furniture store yesterday with no luck.  I'm looking for nightstand tables that I can paint for our bedroom.  The furniture there was really nice, but it was too expensive.  I'm looking for a deal if I'm going to be painting it myself and re-doing the hardware.  I might look at some consignment/flea market type places next.  I'll keep you posted!

The Penny Paper Co.

{Photo above from The Penny Paper Co.}
I'm still a big fan of Tiny Prints, but I stumbled across this site and they had some really cute stuff worth checking out as well!

Hogwarts Model Revealed

{Photo from Mail Online}

My friend Lance shared this link this week and I thought it was pretty cool.  Its amazing to see how they pull off some of this stuff!

Click *Here* to see the rest of the photos and article.

Busy Past Two Weeks!

I'm SO excited not to do anything this weekend!
We have been having a lot of fun, between my trip to D.C., our friends Megan & Randy being in town last weekend, spending two days in the mountains, and going to a hocket game last night.  Plus all the catching up that is required in between. 
To celebrate the weekend I took off from work early and walked the 4 blocks down to H&M and was happy to discover that not only is it a quality H&M (yes, there are not so good ones), but there's also a Barnes & Noble, a GAP and a Banana right there too!  Good bye monthly allowance :)
This weekend I plan to be completely selfish and just relax.  My friend Megan gave me an idea for a great new project for our bedroom - making our own night stand tables.  So I thought I'd go look for supplies for that maybe.  Right now we have snow rolling in and I have a pot of chilli on the stove... mmmm....
Above is a picture that I took of the capital.  My husband told me I should be ashamed that I've traveled around other countries but haven't seen my own country's capital - well now I can say I have!  Next on the list of US sites that I haven't seen: Niagra Falls, the Grand Canyon, Las Vegas, Napa Valley, Mt. Rushmore & Hollywood :)