Merry Christmas!

{Better late than never!}

Happy New Years too!

Spreading Cheer

One of our two trees this year
General the Christmas Elf
My handmade Christmas cards this year
Hopefully everyone got theirs by now!
Christmas cookie decoration
The finished products - Sugar & Mollases cookies
Our front step this morning - its just getting started
Looking out the front window
A glimpse at Christmas in our house this year.
My Christmas efforts have been a bit sporadic this year.  I swore off doing holiday cards....then spent 3 days working on them.  I decided not to do Christmas cookies....I ended up making 2 different kinds.  About the only thing I've held off on doing is buying a full size tree (our little artificial ones that are pretty cute).
All that being said, our decorations are up, its a quiet morning in our house, I'm sipping coffee out of a holiday mug with General at my feet and snow coming down outside, and I wanted to take this opportunity, before the madness of the season sets in, to wish you all a very Happy Holiday!  I hope you all have a wonderful next couple of weeks filled with family and friends.

More Hair How To's

{Photo Courtesy of The Small Things + Real Simple}
I had another disastrous try at curling my hair yesterday!

So this isn't a how to curl hair video, but I need help with all things to do with hair.  I found this blog today called The Small Things which focuses on hair and makeup tutorials.  She partnered with Real Simple and did a series of holiday hair tutorials.  CLICK HERE to check it out!

Time on My Hands

Now that I am temporarily unemployed, I have some extra time on my hands and have been thinking of what to do with it.  I've accepted that I will probably not be very productive until after Christmas, but alas January will unfortunately be here before we know it.  Here are some of the to do's I've come up with so far:
#1 - Learn to curl my hair! So not important, I know, but I suck at it and always envy girls that can pull off the effortless waves. Whenever I try, it always ends up looking disastrous and I swear off curling my hair...until I see the next dozen girls with it looking so cute and I end up trying again. Its a bad cycle.
#2 - Go through my stacks of Interior Design Magazine and pull my favorite images out (and then subsequently file them).  I've promised myself they wont move with us next, so now is the time!
#3 - ORGANIZE ORGANIZE ORGANIZE Donate to goodwill - group like items - simplify our world!
#4 - Do a better job of running!  I was on a kick when the weather was warm, but since the time change I have really been struggling.  With all day to do it now, I really have no excuses!
#5 - Catch up on my continuing education hours.  We all have them and hate them.  I just need to relish in the fact that I can sit with my coffee and get a couple out of the way each week.
#6 - Volunteer somewhere!
#7 - Continue my quest to learn to cook on a budget.  I must say that my recent discovery of homemade french fries (Thanks Molly!) and my ongoing perfection of the quesadilla and homemade pizza, are a good start, but I need to expand my repertoire.
#8 - Go on longer walks with General.  Our goal is always 1 mile, but there's an easy 1.25 and 1.5 mile loop that I can add on and I need to do that more often (weather permitting).
#9 - Put more layers of wax on my dining room table!  I've been slowly adding coats at a snails pace.  The more I get on there, the more protected it will be and hopefully one day not require such care. (Although on a side note, I did spill green paint on it the other day and thankfully it came off completely - so the wax must be doing something)
#10 - Oh and um... look for a job? :)

Cute Perusing

{Photo Courtesy of The Yvestown Blog}
If you're in the mood to peruse some cute interiors, check out The Yvestown Blog.  I just discovered it myself, and love the decorated room above.  It just seems like a little girl's dream house.

Light Art

{Above Image Courtesy of Contemporist}
Check out this display in Nashville by Bruce Munro.  Very surreal.


Yesterday was my last day at work!
Don't know what I'm going to do next yet, but December is going to be a good month!
Happy Friday!

Your Daily Inspiration

{Photo courtesy of CONTEMPORIST}
Check out this Christmas tree in Belgium that's made out of porcelain plates and cups.  I thought it looked pretty cool!


{View in front of our house this morning}
I've guilted myself into making last minute Christmas cards again this year.  I was ok with not sending out any, but when I started receiving everyone else's I started to feel lame.  My fingers are numb from cutting, but they're going to be cute damnit!

World's Tallest Climbing Wall

{Photos courtesy of Excalibur}
Isn't this crazy?
This 121' climbing wall in the Netherlands is the tallest in the world.