See Ya Sand

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I wont be posting for a little bit while we're away, but you can look forward to only the best of the thousands of photos I plan to take. Everyone have a great couple of weeks and keep your fingers crossed that it doesn't rain on us the whole time!

Hold on Tight!

I felt my first earthquake today! It was just a tremor, but it was weird still. I guess there was a 5-something earthquake in Iran and we felt the tremors all the way over here. I was sitting at my desk and all of a sudden I felt like I was swaying. You know that feeling when you've been in the ocean and you get out but you still feel like you're being knocked around by the waves? That's what it felt like. I was told that that's typical in this part of the world, but it was weird for sure.

What Am I Supposed to Do With This?

I've mentioned some of the weird fruit and vegetables at the grocery store. Here are the two winners for the last trip. I can't even tell you anything about them except that the spikey one was in the organic section! The date bar is a stand they set up during Ramadan. They always sell tons of dates, but its common to give dates as gifts for Ramadan so they had stands similiar to this one at all the grocery stores showcasing all the different kinds.

Super cute

I love this new Samsung ad! Check it out if you haven't seen it :)

A Lot Can Be Done in Two Weeks...

Doesn't this kind of remind you of Mr. Rogers? :)

One of the latest projects I've been working on for a housing development. This was for a competition to win the project. I didn't work on the model or the 3D renderings, we hired firms in other countries to do those for us. The design was done by our team over a couple of weeks.

Driving Around

Here are some random images I snapped while driving around

Fall Obsession?

{Picture taken last Fall in Ohio}

So somehow with Ramadan in full swing I missed fall coming to Kuwait. I had been getting off work early and was completely oblivious to the changing in temperature and the sunsets getting earlier. Starting normal work hours this week, I was pleasantly surprised when I came out in the morning and was comfortable. It was even better when I left work and the sun was almost set and there was a cool breeze (cool is relative when you're in Kuwait). Its nothing like the crisp air most of you are experiencing right now, but it is a welcome change. I guess I was distracted by the lack of water :) Its sad when 108 degrees (which was the high today) seems like a relief! I think my blood has thinned!
I can't wait to see rain next. You don't realize how much you'll miss it until you haven't seen rain, or clouds even, for a while. I'm starting to dream of rain. I can't say for sure, but I think its been at least since April since we saw a storm.


One cool thing about being over here is that we have access to different kinds of produce than we would back in the states. Figs and dates are really popular, and they seem to always be available. Above are some figs I bought last week that are so good! I know you can't tell in the picture, but they're really big. Some of the vegetables I see in the grocery store are so weird looking I wouldn't know what to do with them if I bought them. I need to write the names down and do a little research. I mentioned in an earlier blog that we have access to a lot of great fresh spices too, so if you have a good recipe that uses unique spices, pass it on. I'd love to learn how to use some of this stuff.

Eid ul-Fitr

This evening there will be a new moon over Mecca, marking the end of Ramadan (yay!) and the start of the Eid ul-Fitr. The Eid comes after a month of fasting and is the celebration of breaking the fast. What this means for us is that we no longer have to stash water, we can drink/eat in public again. It also means we have a long weekend but have to go back to normal work hours next week. I'm sure the first day back is going to feel like a LONG day!
Everyone have a great weekend!

Day Dreaming

Living here has made my day dreaming grow exponentially. Living in a home that doesn't quite feel like our own, has made me pay more attention to my mental checklist of things I'd like to one day have in a home. There are the essentials, such as lots and lots of greenery, which after living in the land of the tan for too long I can't wait to be able to look out my windows and seen lush greenery. Then there are the picky details, such as the layout of our house and different materials I'd like to use. Above are some of the images that have caught my eye lately.
I'm afraid we have a while to go before we'll be settled anywhere, but for now the list keeps growing! :)


We're cat-sitting this week. Its been an adventure! She's such a little weirdo. We can't get her to stop meowing, its driving us crazy! She yells at me constantly. Its fun though to come home to a little fuzzy thing waiting for you. It makes me miss our animals a lot (not that I didn't already).