Happy New Year!

Phew!  We just got home from our Christmas travels and are doing some quick laundry and unpacking before we re-pack and get on the road tomorrow to spend New Years with some very special friends. 
I'm SO thankful that I have Monday off work so that I can attempt to break my personal record for hours spent on the couch as I recover from all of our merriment.
I hope you have a Happy Happy New Year celebration!  Try this recipe if you're looking for a fun party idea!

General Loves the Snow: A Montage

{After biting at a snow chunk}

{A pause for thought}

{Anxiously awaiting a snowball to be thrown}

{It looked like he was swimming}

{Best Day EVER!}


How to Curl Your Hair

I have about 3 styles that I can do with my hair, and none of them  are very complicated or require any talent.  I really want to learn how to curl my hair though and found this today.  I haven't tried it yet, but will.  Hopefully it helps you too!

Maybe you can practice your new "do" for New Years Eve!

Check out: Conquer the Curling Iron

Snow Day

Its 3 days until Christmas and we're temporarily snowed in.  The weather channel says that we got 4-6 inches last night and are expected to get about the same today... totaling about 1'.  I believe they have been misinformed, however.  We already had about 4 inches when I went to bed last night and it continued to snow all night long.  Our neighborhood was plowed around 4 am this morning, and when I tried to go out at 6 I could hardly tell because it was up to my ankles again already.  That's at least another 4 inches in 2 hours!
The thing about Denver though, is that they handle snow well.  Snow doesn't stop these folks.  So I wasn't sure if I should question my inner Texan that was urging me to go get back in bed and then later go out and buy mass amounts of canned food and toilet paper. 
I decided to put on my big girl pants though (and my snow boots) and got in my car and decided I was going to be tough.  After slip sliding my way through the neighborhood (which I had hoped was much worse than the main roads), I got to the entry of our development.  There was a car already stuck in an embankment beside me.  The roads were so covered in ice and snow that my car couldn't get traction and I couldn't see the lines on the road.  SO I decided to be smart and return home.  Hopefully I'm not the only one in the office that couldn't make it in....
I got bored last night and decided to take my dad's advice and play with the camera lens he got me that creates starbursts.  I took the pictures above from our yard and of our tree.  The first picture is of our neighbor's pine tree in their front yard.  It's by far the best Christmas tree I've ever seen.  I don't know them, but I kind of feel like I should go congratulate them.  Its amazing.  They used both small and large bulbs and you can't tell where any of the strands are.  Not like our Charlie Brown trees with their snaking lights :)
Hope you're having a good day!  I'm enjoying my snow day.  I much prefer it over the "dust" days we had in Kuwait.

Happy Clicking!

{Above Image from Architecture category of Pintrest}

If you have some time to kill on the internet and like looking at pretty pictures, I suggest you take up pinning over the Christmas holiday:

Bring on the Holidays!

I'm ready, I swear!
We went snowboarding for the second time last weekend.  Its slowly getting easier, but the muscle memory is definitely taking its sweet time coming back!  I'm not terrible... I have the basics down... I'm just super slow and super cautious.  My poor husband either has to ditch me or spend half the time waiting for me around every other bend.
We've been busy with all the Christmas prep and we had company in town last weekend which occupied a lot of out time.  Now, for the last week of work and then 10 days off!  We'll start by heading to Texas this weekend and then will start the new year in Nebraska with friends that are home from Kuwait (can't wait!  ha, I'm a poet).
School is out, so my husband and I have switched rolls lately.  He stays home and works out, walks the dog, and helps me with stuff around the house while I work.  I'm LOVING the help :)
I'm done with all my Christmas shopping and now to come up with some New Years Resolutions....  So far I'm thinking:
1) Get outside more (this has been my resolution before, but went on hiatus when I was in Kuwait)
2) Keep things simple (I want the question of What's for Dinner? to be one of the hard ones for a while)
3) Continue to try to live for the moment.  I've started asking myself Does this matter? or What would I REALLY like to be doing right now instead?  Its been nice when I can remember :)
The above picture is from while we were unloading the car at Copper Mountain this past weekend.


Our Little Sphere

I've posted a couple pictures of the lake in our area that we walk the dog around and go for runs around.  Its frozen now and has little webbed footprints all over it from our canadian geese that loiter around it.  I can't get enough of the view of the mountains!

Drum Roll Please....

Pantone has released the color of 2012.....

Tangerine Tango!

December: Week 1

Oh man, have I had a week...

It started last Wednesday with a family emergency that caused me to book a flight to Ohio the next day.  My grandmother has unfortunately seen better days.  I flew in to see her and to support my grandfather as he struggles with the reality of what may be.  I got to spend some time with my family, which was a very nice & unexpected.  I had been missing the days when we used to drive to Ohio and spend Christmas at my grandparents house when I was little.  Unfortunately the reason that we were brought together, was not a happy one, but it was still nice to see family.

When I left Denver for Ohio last week it was snowing sideways.  We were about 4" into the 8" the weather channel predicted.  The freezing temperatures and off and on again snowing has continued to tonight (tomorrow its supposed to get up to 40 degrees, woohoo!!).  My walks from my car to my work have been bone chilling!  I got to break in my fancy new rubber boots though, that I bought recently! 

I am catching up on sleep from being out of town and preparing to have company come into town next week.  We have plenty of Christmas shopping left to do too! 

We have all our decorations up though, as you saw in our last post.  Here's a picture of our Christmas trees this year.  The second is my Barbie tree.  My Gramme has bought me a Barbie ornament every year since the 90's and this is how it looks today.  My brother gets Lionel Train ornaments each year :)  I think we'll spring for a full size tree next year, but for now our little ones do the trick.

I hope everyone is enjoying this time of year. Its my favorite, despite the cold!