Ramadan is a Muslim holiday that begins here on August 11th. Its a holiday that falls in the 9th month of the Islamic calendar in which Muslims fast from dawn to dusk. At dusk they break the fast with lavish feasts and celebrations. The fasting is intended to teach its followers patience, modesty & spirituality.
Since the holiday is based on the lunar calendar, it shifts by 10 days or so every year. It is said that during this time the first parts of the Qur'an were revealed to the Prophet Muhammad.
Jason and I haven't experienced the holiday yet, but have heard lots of stories from friends that have. Even if you do not observe the holiday, like us, you aren't allowed to eat or drink in public out of respect for those who are fasting. This includes water, gum, etc. You can be arrested if your seen eating or drinking. Luckily the work hours are shortened and a room is supposed to be set up where we can go hide and eat secretely without disturbing those who are fasting.
We've been told the traffic gets much worse, that people are grouchy and irritable, the restaurants are packed in the evenings as everyone breaks the fast, and the grocery stores, which have limited hours during the holiday, are packed with people buying food for the evenings feast.
For more about the holiday visit the wikipedia website here. Above are some pictures from the weekend. Wish us luck as Ramadan nears. It should be interesting....

Where am I?

I've gotten used to the stray cats everywhere, but this was new. This pile of trash is always there and its in a nice neighborhood. It makes no sense to me. People just don't care I guess in this climate if their outside is nice, its the inside that counts. That's one theory anyways....

Mini Getaway!

See Ya Kuwait!

Failika Island - We weren't able to get off and explore, but there are remains from the Iraqi occupation and it was once colonized by the Ancient Greeks. For more information, *CLICK HERE*
The other island we saw was not as established as Failika. It was basically a sand bar with a cell tower but the water was really clear and we got to swim around the coral here.

It's been a busy week and I've fallen behind on posting! First of all, I had a wonderful birthday. Thanks to everyone that helped make it special!
Next, I started a new job last week. So far so good. The work atmosphere is 100% better than the last job and I'm much more happy with it so far. Plus I was immediately put on a big project and the interior part is all mine :) That's exciting for me. It's been nice feeling productive again as well.
Yesterday we had the chance to spend the day on a yacht in the gulf. It was great! We got to see a couple of the islands, swim and see tropical fish and coral, and tan until our heart's content (or in my case until I was a nice shade of lobster red, despite all my sun block re-applications - I think I thought I was tougher than I really am!). I can now say that I've swam in the Persian Gulf though.
I'm still recovering from all the sun. I don't think I've had a bad sun burn in years, I'm usually very careful. It's taken all my energy. I was exhausted when we got back last night.
Today will be a quiet day, just getting ready for another week. Keep your fingers crossed that the job remains likable! Have a great weekend!

Happy Birthday to Me!

More Finds

I saw a lot more hand painted wood objects than I think I saw before. I like it!

I love the etched metal that you see on the teapot. The bowl to the right is called a singing bowl. You use the wooden wand to tap the side and then run it around the edge to make sound. Similiar to when you run you finger around a glass of water and have it make a noise, but louder.

I love this guy! He's expensive though.

Blankets or wall hangings
Cool throw pillow medallion up close

More throw pillows

More hand painted wood. I like the colors on this one.
More shopping finds from this end of the world. I didn't buy anything this time, but I like going to see what new stuff they get in every couple of weeks or so.


One of the benefits of not living on the first floor is that we don't get as many critters trying to sneak through the cracks in our house to flee from the heat. However, we've had two pretty crafty lizards make their way in. Thankfully they're just little guys. The first I found in the shower and the second one was peaking over my dresser today. I don't think Jason realized that when he married me one of his new duties were to catch and release (not kill) all critters that crossed my path in places that they shouldn't be!

Not So Pretty....

Car that's been pulled over for driving with their bumper dragging on the ground
Unfortunately the city isn't covered with those colorful homes, beautiful gardens, pristine mosques, and cool Islamic architectural details that catch my eye and are what usually makes it to my blog. All of those elements are here, but unfortunately I wouldn't consider them the norm. Here are some pictures of the not-so-pretty (but often what we're looking at) side of Kuwait. One thing that's always pretty (dispite the sometimes rancid smell) is the ocean.

How to Make a Dishdasha Man

Step 1) Get prayer beads to fidget with
Step 2) Aquire fine macrame hat, black rope & white head scarf

Step 3) Get red alternate head scarf for the days you feel like going redneck
Step 4) Get man-dress (make sure to iron it!)
Step 5) Make sure it's on straight!
Step 6) Go party with your friends
{Photo courtesy of Wikipedia.com}

Have a good weekend!


I have some good posts brewing in my head...
But for now, I give you cows ;) It looks like its going to be another brown weekend here, so I will be daydreaming that I have a field like this to look at!