Lil' Taste of Texas

Who knew you could go to Kuwait and still get Stubb's BBQ sauce? Apparently so! I don't remember how much a bottle of this costs in the States, but 1.990 kD is about $7. That doesn't seem as bad as some other things we've seen marked up because they're an American brand.

Can I have one?

See him trying to snarl at me? It isn't very effective when you're that cute.

Don't worry, we're still without a pet in Kuwait :( I fed this mama cat french fries when she was pregnant. Now look at all her kittens! They wouldn't let me touch them of course because they're wild. The kittens were skittish, but the mom didn't seem to care that I was there. She's used to people, I think. Aren't they SOO cute?! There's probably 6 of them at least. The marble colored ones were hiding.

Our First Piece

This is the piece we bought from Bida's. We're told that its made from salvaged old wood from India. I really like it. Its pretty tall! Hanging it was a task, and its still crooked. Trying to straighten it myself will be a project for next week.
I can't wait until we have a house of our own one day and can fill it with all the pieces we've collected over time. We're just beginning with furniture of course. When we left, we were still living with a lot of the ikea pieces I bought in college. We will slowly start replacing them when we get back. Fun!

More Antiques!

The antique shop that I posted about before, Gloria's, has closed :( BUT there's another place in town that we had been told about called Bida's. We were able to make it over there last weekend and it was SO cool. There was double the amount of stuff, if not triple, than Gloria's. There was so much that everytime you walked into a room you saw something different. They had a good mix of things from different cultures, some almost museum looking pieces (like the carriage), pieces that we'd never be able to afford (or fit in a house), to things we could afford and small trinkets.... something for everyone! Some stuff seemed slightly more expensive than Gloria's, but what are you going to do?
We saw a ton of cool stuff that we would love to take home with us! Its expensive though, so we have to pace ourselves. I'm absolutely crazy about the carved wood, I love all the pattern. I wish they'd let me just take a chunk off one of those doors and go hang it on my wall. I'll keep looking :)
Jason and I did, however, buy our first piece! You'll have to wait until the next post to see what we bought though! See how I keep my blog followers? Pure suspense. ;)

Bridal Shower!

Here's a picture of the cake from the bridal shower I went to. Check out the pyrotechnics! So many of our friends are either getting married or having babies. Congratulations to everyone! I can't wait for your big days!

Kuwait Towers

I got a chance to go up in the Kuwait Towers recently. It was pretty cool. They're one of Kuwait's few tourist attractions :) There's a restaurant and a viewing platform that rotates. I have no idea how high up we were. The elevator said floor 82, but I feel like that can't be 82 normal height floors.... Either way though, it was neat to see. I didn't get any pictures from up in the towers becuase it was night time and with the dust and the view was just ok. Being below the towers looking up, though, was cool. If you look closely in the pictures there's a crescent moon to the right of the buildings.

Last Weekend's Dust Storm

This weekend looks like it'll be another dusty one. Here are some pictures from last week's dust storm. None have been as crazy as the storm I posted about a couple of weeks ago, but we've had some sort of storm almost every weekend since we got here in February!
Its getting hotter too, so really we spend hardly anytime outside. Its been around 105 degrees this week! It honestly isn't that bad yet. The weather is definitely similiar to Texas, but less humid. We'll see what tune I'm singing a month from now though!
I've been stocking up on summer clothes. I just bought a pair of linen pants and I love them. Victoria Secret has some really inexpensive ones if anyone is looking! *Click Here* I bought the 32" inseam ones and I have to wear them with wedges or they'd be too long. Just FYI :)

Look At Me!

Rendering of the larger twisting tower

The larger twisting tower under construction
Smaller twisting tower
One of the floors of the smaller twisting tower, you can see how low the ceilings are here
View from the smaller twisting tower
So, working in architecture and design in Kuwait has given me some real insight on the Arabian gulf architecture. From the states, we see these unbelievable structures being both built and proposed in places like Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Kuwait is more understated (or just behind) than those areas, but still the mentality of wanting to build the best of the best to show their wealth is prevalent.
Working here though, I've learned that most of the "cool" stuff that's being built is done by firms that are not from this part of the world, but instead from places like London, Canada, the US, Italy, etc.
Right now Kuwait has two twisting towers that are in construction. The smaller one is almost finished and is in the process of finding tenants. The larger still has quite a ways to go. When you look at the skyline, they look really neat. Both, I believe, are being done by non-Kuwaiti firms.
A lot of the design and architecture that is done by local firms in Kuwait seems to be copies of what the client has seen other places in the world and thought looked cool, without any rhyme, reason, or thought to whether or not it works. Details go unlooked and you end up with an end product that is almost a success.... but not quite.
I realize that this is a huge generalization, and I am aware that there's probably plenty of exceptions to this rule.... but it's what I have observed.
I had the chance to see some photos of the inside of the smaller twisting tower that I mentioned earlier. It is being designed by a firm out of Canada. From an outsider's perspective, it seems that somewhere along the way there was a miscommunication or error. The structural beams for each floor seem huge. I'm told they're a meter thick. This makes the max ceiling height on any floor around only 8' tall. So there's this huge beautiful building, but none of its tenants (except for maybe the ground and top floor) will be able to have a ceiling higher than 8' throughout. Just like I said... almost a success, but just not quite.

MTV Arabia

So they have old school MTV here with music videos on all the time. Jason and I end up putting it on as background music and then inevitably end up both hooked watching it. The music videos they play are crazy, its not usual mainstream stuff. This music video, by Hot Chip, is by far the most out-there! You have to watch it all the way through. It comes on about once a day here and it cracks us both up everytime. Its SO weird.


Its finally the weekend! This week was the longest week EVER! I'm so glad it's over. We don't have anything big planned for the weekend. I have a wedding shower to go to tonight, so that'll be fun. Jason and his friends have a guys night planned while all the girls are at the shower. We have been laying low around the house all morning, but its time to get moving. To the gym we go...
We had another sand storm last night and its lingering all day. Its very brown outside. Its nothing like the bad one we a couple weeks ago though.
Jason and I have started to plan a trip for the fall, I'm so excited to go! I wish I could just quit my job and travel around the world! :) Above are some images from our travel research of Prague.
Enjoy the weekend!

Down By the Sea

We went back down to visit the bling bling brother's this weekend. Jason again walked away with some more free loot :) I'm not really sure how he does it. I stocked up on some trinket souveniers and found a good scarf.
I took these pictures at a stop light on the way back from shopping. Its getting pretty hot here, soon all activities are going to have to be limited to early morning or evening. Its been in the 100's this week already!

Not Too Shabby

Pancakes in front of the tv in the morning, then off to the pool to tan with friends & husband. Not a bad day! :) I've been really sick all week, so it was a good way to end it.
Hope everyone has a good weekend!

Happy Weekend!

I hope everyone is having a good weekend! This week was a long one for me. It was one of those work weeks where everyday you're thinking to yourself at work "Ok, only 6 hours to go", "Ok, only 3 hours to go", etc. Slow, slow, slow....
We went to a jazz concert last night. We were expecting more swanky jazz and it turned out to be more like elevator music jazz. They added drums and a stand up base at the end though, so it got better. Even though it wasn't what we thought, it was something different to do and we enjoying hanging out with friends.
Today we've been hibernating in the house. I love days like this. The only problem is that it just makes me want more days like this! :)
Back to work tomorrow though... Wish me luck and keep your fingers crossed its not so boring!