Tis the Season

There are few simple pleasures in life that bring me as must joy as having a fancy cup of coffee.
I swear someone has hit fast forward on our lives!  I think I almost missed October completely!  Its already starting to feel more like Winter and not so much like Fall.  The rest of our year is already packed full of trips, visitors, and other fun stuff, so I don't think there's much hope of it slowing down anytime soon!
This past week I went to Ohio to check on a project I had been working on in Columbus.  My husband was able to buy a ticket and we made it into a long weekend.  We have family all over the state, and its always so hard to see everyone.  We decided to stay only in Columbus this weekend and try to lay low.  We did manage to stay in Columbus, but the weekend still ended up wonderfully busy - full of time with friends and my husband's immediate family.
Saturday we ran a 5K and I'm proud to say that I did it in 26 minues.  A new record for me!  It was freezing, which I think may have helped hurry me along.  It was fun and I came in first in my age group!
I've also been taking some knitting classes at the craft store I mentioned in an earlier post, called the Fancy Tiger.  I had learned to knit several times from my Mom, but was usually taught over a weekend or while on a trip and then would put it down and forget how to do it.  The class brought it all back for me and I'm hoping it will stick this time since I tried to really make an effort to learn.  I'm knitting a scarf with a pretty easy pattern.  Its still a little tricky as I get used to knitting, but its something fun to keep me busy this winter!  I figured it'd be handy when we move to have an easy hobby that I can pick up and take with me anywhere.
Speaking of moving.  No word on where to next yet.  We hope to know by the end of the year.  Fingers crossed its somewhere worth blogging about! :)

Mrs. Homebrew

Can you tell I'm married to a homebrewer?
This the latest step towards opening our own brewery.

Reversible Tote Bag

{Photo courtesy of YouCanDoThatDotMe}
My attempts at learning how to sew have not gone very far.  I got on a kick for a while where I was going to practice on and learn how to make little makeup bags and I tried my hand at a table runner.  The bags started out very ugly, and slowly got better (zippers suck, by the way) and the table runner ended looked like a giant pillow case.  Speaking of pillowcases, I then took a sewing class and can now make a pillow case successfully, but who needs a bunch of handmade pillowcases? 
Then, like most of my hobbies, I got distracted by other things and have not gone back to it for a couple of months.
I saw this today and would really like to take a stab at it.  I read through the pattern and it seems easy enough, but I can tell that its written for those who "get it" and not those that are just learning, so that worries me a little.  Its like when people give you recipes and they only write down the ingredients and you're just supposed to know what temperature and how to mix everything up... Grr.
I thought I'd share though, because it looks like a cool weekend project.

Fall Walks

I'm home sick today, so I'm catching up on some things while I sit in my PJs.  Why is that I'm more productive on days that I'm supposed to be working than I am on the weekends?  Guilt, I think.
I've posted lots of photos from our neighborhood lakes, but I had to post at least one of the current Fall view.  We have a lot of evergreeen trees here, so our Fall colors aren't anything like they are in other areas of the country, but compared to Kuwait and Texas - they're wonderful! 
I'm trying to savor the season as much as possible, because like last year, I have a feeling snow is coming soon and will knock all the beautiful leaves down.  The mountains in the distance (hard to see in the photos) already have had white caps on them for weeks already.

GABF 2012

The Great American Beer Festival - Lots of beer.  Lots of People.  Lots of Fun.

General and his Bear

General keeps trying to take his bear with him on our walks lately.  Knowing he wont carry it the whole way though, I always make him drop it before we leave.  He got away with it yesterday though, because I was too preoccupied with my phone as we were leaving.  :) 

Holiday Wreath

About 4 years ago I made my own wreath and have used it every year since.  However, a Colorado winter was much rougher on it than a Texas or Kuwait winter, and left it looking a little rough last year.  SO, I set out this weekend to do another one.  I didn't really intend to make the same wreath over again, but after walking around Hobby Lobby for far too long, I decided that the red berries were still the classiest thing they had to offer. 
Its really easy to make your own wreath and a lot cheaper than buying a pre-made one.  In total it cost me about $14.  The stick wreath was $3.99 at Hobby Lobby.  The sticks of berries were around a dollar a piece (on sale), and you'll need a glue gun and glue, if you don't already have those. 
All you do is stick the berry sticks in intermittently around the wreath and then work your way around with the glue gun, spreading and forming the berries around the wreath. 
My old wreath had a ribbon at the bottom, and I think I may still add that to mine, but I forgot until just now!
(Old Wreath)

Roasted Onion Dip

{Photo courtesy of Spoon Fork Bacon}
I made my own Roasted Onion Dip this weekend, courtesy of a recipe from Spoon Fork Bacon.  It uses light sour cream and non-fat greek yogurt as its base and the delicious roasted/carmelized onion give it this buttery delicious taste.  I really liked it and it'd be easy to make ahead of time! 

Brown Butter Pumpkin Cupcakes

I found this recipe on the FoodGawker and it looks amazing!  I've been mentally collecting pumpkin recipes lately and haven't landed on one yet.  I need some sort of event to go to so that I can make these and then immediately take them away and give them to other people. 

Happy Tuesday

Let's all pretend we're here for the day!