Work Trip

I went to Indianapolis yesterday for work and took some pictures of the crop patterns from the air.  I thought they looked pretty cool.

Fun Mail

Look what my friends from Kuwait sent me :)

Surviving the Heat

I know we just moved from Kuwait and so 100 degree weather should be no big deal, but I've got to say... I have no patience for it.  Its TOO hot.  Its been over 100 for over 5 days now and with the sun being as intense as it is in high altitude, its rough.  Its made my running really difficult.  I went tonight at 8:30.  It was still warm, but not nearly as bad!  At least there's no humidity so it cools off quickly.

These are some pictures from our walk today and of our new chair we found this weekend.  I've been looking for a living room chair for a while but all the ones I like are so expensive!  We found this one for sale as the floor model in Boulder for a good price.  Score!


How's it going?  We were out of town last weekend spending time with my husband's family in D.C. and joining in the festivities of a high school graduation.  It was a great trip.  It was one of the few times I can actually say the weekend felt longer than normal. 

AND I got to see my friend, who was fresh off the plane from Kuwait!  All of our friends who were with us while we were over there are not returning to the States and preparing for their next tour.  I look forward to visiting them and planning more international trips as we visit each other.  My husband and I will start exploring and choosing options for our next spot in the upcoming months. 

More to come... For now I leave you with this cool picture above. 

This Week

I took a sewing class in Denver this week after work at this cute little shop called the Fancy Tiger.  We made a pillow case during the class.  I bought enough to make a matching one, so that'll be my project next week.

We head to D.C. this weekend to see family though.

Have a great weekend!


How cool is this patio?

Also, look at this:  A building in Zurich was literally moved 60m to the left.  Crazy, huh?