Camel Races

We saw the last camel race of the season while we had family in town. It was an interesting sight, despite the long wait before the races started. The track was way out in the desert with a viewing building that seemed kind of like a men's club and a track. No one seemed to know what time the races were starting but everyone, with the exception of us, seemed patient to just hang out and wait. Here are some pictures that my husband and mother-in-law were able to snap from the edge of the race.

Am I Getting Closer?

To that cool home studio in my mind?

Happy Easter!

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A Grand Experience

Our family is in town and we've been showing off the sights of Kuwait. We're hoping to see some camels today, but with our busy day yesterday (as you can see above), I'm letting everyone sleep in :)


The pictures above don't do the space justice at all. It was a huge huge room with a very large round dome in the center, supported by 4 columns. The script text around the room blended in with the intricate mosaics (my favorite part of islamic design, besides maybe the onion dome shape). It was a cool experience to see inside, even though I had to put a head scarf on to go in.

Where Does It Stop?

The next world's tallest building has been approved for construction in Saudi Arabia. The proposed Kingdom Tower will be over a mile high, surpassing even the next tallest building that is under construction in Dubai. It will take visitors a 12 minute elevator ride to arrive at the top.

After having visited the current world's tallest building, the Burj Khalifa, it makes me wonder how this race for the tallest building is going to end. Soon visitors will be required to wear oxygen masks as the buildings stick out into space!


Although American architects are playing roles in all of these monsters, I'm glad we're not trying to compete on our home turf (at least to my knowledge). Who needs it? Saudi Arabia apparently.


Here's the article if you'd like to read more.

Company is Coming


We've been busily preparing for family to come visit us in Kuwait! The house has been cleaned and re-cleaned several times, shopping lists have been met, and vacation time has been taken. Its the first time we've taken off work and not left the country. It'll be nice and relaxed and hopefully I'll return to work rested! I'm going to try to get some good pictures this week as we visit some of Kuwait's highlights.

I hope everyone had a good weekend!


It's been a good weekend, but a busy one! I was asked to photograph a friend and her son this weekend and I think they turned out pretty well! It was great practice with my camera and a good experience overall. It of course helps when your subject is cute doing just about anything though :) We're off to do our first scuba lessons today. I wasn't able to get all my reading for it done, so keep your fingers crossed I can wing it!

This Week's Phone Snapshots

On my way to work... The local tailor...

Another dust storm...
An awesome restaurant we tried called the Baking Tray had cookie sheets on the ceiling and a pendant made of whisks

Some pictures from my week :)

Can You Pronounce the Ingredients in Your Soap?


I've been raiding our closets lately, reading all of the ingredients in our toiletries. I started cracking down on what I put on my skin recently after doing some research, combating skin breakouts for what feels like forever, and as part of my daily attempt to try to be healthier. This website has useful, and sometimes scary, information about the products we use. I hope you're able to take it with a grain of salt and let it help you be a more informed shopper.
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