Pinning Activities

Now that I've got some time on my hands, I have figured out what everyone's obsession with Pintrest is and why its so addicting.  I've tried a couple of pins recently, and I wanted to share my results!

I have to say that some of it just looks so out there.  Please friends - don't put cooking oil, or honey, or peanut butter in your hair just because Pintrest says it'll make it grow faster!  I have not tried it, but it just sounds like a terrible idea!

Here are 5 much less risky explorations and my findings:

Pin #1: Rub dryer sheets on your baseboards to repel dust and animal dander.

{Photo Courtesy of Apartment Therapy}

Result: My dog sheds a ridiculous amount and the base boards next to his kennel get the brunt of it.  I decided to do a test and rub dryer sheets on one side but not the other.  I have to say that (1) there's no fragrance difference - it still smells like dog, and (2) there isn't a noticeable difference in pet hair on the base boards that I tested.  Maybe my dog's hair is just extra difficult, I don't know, but overall not worth your time in my opinion!

Pin #2: Use vinegar to clean build-up from your shower head.

{Photo courtesy of Homemaking Challenged}

Result: I used it on a faucet, not a shower head, but it worked pretty good.  I thought using alligator clips in the photo above was pretty crafty though.  I was able to pull the aerator off (which was the dirty part) and soak it in a container of vinegar.  I let it set for a day and there was a noticeable difference, but the build-up wasn't completely gone.  I then let it soak in Oxyclean for another day and that took care of any remaining build-up.  Overall - I think its a good tip.  We rent, so I have no idea of that section of the faucet was ever really cleaned prior to us.  If you used vinegar alone on a more regular basis, you might not need the Oxyclean.  I'm all for treating things with natural products that you may already have in your house first, before resorting to chemicals.

Pin #3: Homemade taco seasoning instead of the store bought packages, which can contain artificial ingredients.
 {Photo courtesy of $5 Dinners}

Result:  Easy and awesome.  Even more awesome if you already have all those spices on hand, which I thankfully did!  Make extra for future use!

Pin #4:  Pan-Roasted Chicken with Lemon-Garlic Green Beans

 {Photo Courtesy of Real Simple}

Result:  Eh...  I love one pan meals, but this wasn't one of the greatest.  You place the raw chicken directly on the vegetables - which I know is fine, but I just feel that browning chicken before baking gives better flavor, is less gross, and just looks more appetizing.  Also, since the green beans are right against the lemons, the lemon flavor is pretty overpowering.  I probably wont repeat this recipe, but its a good concept.  I think you could tweak it a little, and have it turn out better.

Pin #5: Crock Pot Honey Sesame Chicken

{Photo courtesy of The Comfort of Cooking}
Result:  This was great!  I didn't have a few of the ingredients, so I think mine was a little less impressive than if I had everything (I couldn't get green onions at the grocery and I was missing the corn starch to thicken the sauce).  I will definitely repeat this recipe and when I can find scallions, I want to simultaneously try this pin:   Regrowing your own scallions ~courtesy of Homemade Serenity


  1. I like the idea of testing pins and reporting on wheher or not they work/taste good! I can't say I've ever actually tried something I saw on Pinterest (so why I use it, I can't quite figure out!) however, I do regularly put olive oil and honey - together - in my hair and I have had no disasters yet! I think I will make some of that taco seasoning. I have so may spices I can never quite get myself to buy a seasoning that is made from all the spices I have at home!

    1. Yes, I agree! Although I'm a bit obsessed at the moment, I don't claim to fully understand Pintrest. There may be a way to leave feedback, but for now I'll just share here.

      Ha! I can't believe you put olive oil and honey in your hair regularly! You have very pretty hair, so maybe I should reconsider!