New Year

{She totally thinks I bought this for her}

Now that the holidays are over and everything is pretty much back to normal, I have to figure what my world is going to look like in the new year.  I'm now unemployed and am not sure what I want my next move to be.  After my last job turned out to be a flop, I find myself without faith in my profession and feeling like I need something to revitalize me.  I've sent out a bunch of resumes and have gone on a couple of interviews with local architecture firms.  I've received positive feedback, but most are holding off on hiring for the time being.  I'm not very confident that I will find something of substance in the 7-ish months we have remaining here and as time ticks on, it becomes more and more unreasonable for me to join a firm and just leave a couple months later.

In the meantime, while my epiphany awaits, I've signed myself up for a photography class and am going to start exploring other areas of interest.  I'm trying to enjoy the time off and am making some headway on my list of goals below (I've had two successful attempts at curling my hair, I've been going on runs every other day, we joined costco and I'm avidly working on my talent for cooking on a budget, and although I haven't started organizing - I've got a great start on a to do list :)

I can't say I'm done with design, because I do love it and I am passionate about it.  I just need to find another forum to practice it in that is more rewarding.  I'm tired of fighting tooth and nail for the opportunity to do what I've been trained to do.

So here's to a new year of adventures and discoveries!

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  1. Hang in there Sweetie, Germany will be a whole new adventure! Love, Dad