Bring on the Snow!

This is our forecast for tonight.  I'm sitting here drinking my pumpkin spice coffee blend in my robe, the house is quite except for our cat that is dramatically darting from one hiding spot to another, and outside has that distinct snow grey overcast look.  I can just imagine flurries starting any minute!  I LOVE saturday mornings at home.  They're just the best!
I was sad that I missed our first snow of the season when we were in Ohio a couple of weeks ago.  All that was left when we came back was some residual salt on the roads, but no signs of snow anywhere.
We have such a busy winter coming up, that I've been taking this weekend and have been trying to get some serious shopping done.  I've bought quite a few presents, but am still stumped on a couple people!  Yesterday I spent the day feverishly cleaning.  I feel like I have to get a lot done on this off weekend.
We head to Vegas next weekend!  I can't wait to see our hotel, the Aria.  Its supposed to be awesome!  Then Thanksgiving!!

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