Tis the Season

There are few simple pleasures in life that bring me as must joy as having a fancy cup of coffee.
I swear someone has hit fast forward on our lives!  I think I almost missed October completely!  Its already starting to feel more like Winter and not so much like Fall.  The rest of our year is already packed full of trips, visitors, and other fun stuff, so I don't think there's much hope of it slowing down anytime soon!
This past week I went to Ohio to check on a project I had been working on in Columbus.  My husband was able to buy a ticket and we made it into a long weekend.  We have family all over the state, and its always so hard to see everyone.  We decided to stay only in Columbus this weekend and try to lay low.  We did manage to stay in Columbus, but the weekend still ended up wonderfully busy - full of time with friends and my husband's immediate family.
Saturday we ran a 5K and I'm proud to say that I did it in 26 minues.  A new record for me!  It was freezing, which I think may have helped hurry me along.  It was fun and I came in first in my age group!
I've also been taking some knitting classes at the craft store I mentioned in an earlier post, called the Fancy Tiger.  I had learned to knit several times from my Mom, but was usually taught over a weekend or while on a trip and then would put it down and forget how to do it.  The class brought it all back for me and I'm hoping it will stick this time since I tried to really make an effort to learn.  I'm knitting a scarf with a pretty easy pattern.  Its still a little tricky as I get used to knitting, but its something fun to keep me busy this winter!  I figured it'd be handy when we move to have an easy hobby that I can pick up and take with me anywhere.
Speaking of moving.  No word on where to next yet.  We hope to know by the end of the year.  Fingers crossed its somewhere worth blogging about! :)

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