Reversible Tote Bag

{Photo courtesy of YouCanDoThatDotMe}
My attempts at learning how to sew have not gone very far.  I got on a kick for a while where I was going to practice on and learn how to make little makeup bags and I tried my hand at a table runner.  The bags started out very ugly, and slowly got better (zippers suck, by the way) and the table runner ended looked like a giant pillow case.  Speaking of pillowcases, I then took a sewing class and can now make a pillow case successfully, but who needs a bunch of handmade pillowcases? 
Then, like most of my hobbies, I got distracted by other things and have not gone back to it for a couple of months.
I saw this today and would really like to take a stab at it.  I read through the pattern and it seems easy enough, but I can tell that its written for those who "get it" and not those that are just learning, so that worries me a little.  Its like when people give you recipes and they only write down the ingredients and you're just supposed to know what temperature and how to mix everything up... Grr.
I thought I'd share though, because it looks like a cool weekend project.

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  1. So...for your first one you buy a yard of cheap muslin. Then when it turns out great, you have a new grocery bag!