Holiday Wreath

About 4 years ago I made my own wreath and have used it every year since.  However, a Colorado winter was much rougher on it than a Texas or Kuwait winter, and left it looking a little rough last year.  SO, I set out this weekend to do another one.  I didn't really intend to make the same wreath over again, but after walking around Hobby Lobby for far too long, I decided that the red berries were still the classiest thing they had to offer. 
Its really easy to make your own wreath and a lot cheaper than buying a pre-made one.  In total it cost me about $14.  The stick wreath was $3.99 at Hobby Lobby.  The sticks of berries were around a dollar a piece (on sale), and you'll need a glue gun and glue, if you don't already have those. 
All you do is stick the berry sticks in intermittently around the wreath and then work your way around with the glue gun, spreading and forming the berries around the wreath. 
My old wreath had a ribbon at the bottom, and I think I may still add that to mine, but I forgot until just now!
(Old Wreath)

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