What's Next?

As I would venture to guess most government spouses do, I have a constant thought in the back of my mind that wonders where we will be stationed next.  What adventures are we going to embark on, what frustrations will we have to deal with, what new things we will be able to explore and try, and what distances will our loved ones have to travel?  Then you mix in all the silly stuff like what its going to look like, will there be enough space, where am I going to run, is it going to be hot, will my furntiture fit, etc. and your head can spin with the possibilities. 
Kuwait was an unexpected destination, but every step of it - the good and the bad - felt like our own custom adventure.  Something that was strictly ours to experience.  Sometimes this was lonely because it felt like you could never really explain or convey what you were going through to your friends and family back home. 
Coming out of Kuwait, we got our pick of assignments and I like to think we've been doing Colorado justice with all of our exploring.  We've been trying to make the most of every minute!  We still have a lot to do and see, but I feel like we've made a good effort.  As always though, the time goes by too fast and we're already on the downhill side of this assignment and starting to think about the next. 
I'm not going to mention what we preferenced for our next assignment, because I am still trying to not get my mind set on one or two destinations.  As soon as I start to think we're going to end up one place, we're bound to end up in the exact opposite.  We have submitted our preferences and now its out of our hands.  All we can do is hope for the best.
Where will fate take us next?

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  1. Which means you HAVE preferenced! Awesome! GOOD LUCK and can't wait to hear where you are headed next! xoxo