Quiet Weekends

On our walks.

General pulling me up a hill.  He only has one speed.  Its like walking a horse.
Does this photo look familiar?  Thanks Megan!

I've become obsessed with caprese and I am on a kick where I pack pearl mozzerella, grape tomatoes, 1 basil leave, and some balsamic in my lunch and mix it up when I'm ready to eat - I LOVE it.

Homemade bread - Impressive, huh?  Its really not hard!  You should try it.  I was given this book for Christmas and have been trying things out of it lately.

Abusing my dog with the camera in my free time.  He looks pleased, huh?

The basement is where I put everything that I don't have a place for or don't know what to do with.  This is my latest attempt to organize before our next move. 
Notice the title of the lower box?  Nice. And. Safe. :)

Friday splurges.  I bought the stuff on the right, Habibi bought the blender on the left.
Just another day in Boulder (@the Fall Fest).  What kind of guy comes out to a park to practice his juggling in front of strangers?  A Boulderite does, is the answer.

I hope you're having a good weekend!  We've had a pretty unventful past two weekend, but uneventful is good at the moment.  I've been drinking gallons of cinnamon & pumpkin coffee, cooking, cleaning, urging the cooler weather, organizing, running, catching up on some TV, walking the dog, and shopping!  It's been great!
My favorite pair of jeans got a hole in them on Friday, so I went out to replace them yesterday but found two replacements that I couldn't live without instead of one - so I'm feeling guilty now.  One of them is a pair of black skinny jeans, I don't know yet if I'm cool enough to pull them off, but I'm going to try!  Now I need to be stingy with my money for a bit, to make up for my recent splurges... We'll see how that goes!
I've been really enjoying cooking for us lately.  Its something that I enjoy doing when I have the time, but don't enjoy when I'm tired or stressed.  Its been a nice change to have the time again.  I'm also trying to cook things that can be frozen or last for the week, so that we don't eat out during the day.  Yesterday I made chicken salad for the week, which I was pretty proud of because I didn't have a recipe.  I just used the Tuscan Chicken Salad from Whole Foods in my head as a guideline.  I also made meatballs, because habibi went out and bought 3 packages of ground meat and claimed that he wanted "patties for protein throughout the week".  It was kind of weird rolling these balls of meat up and baking them like cookies, but I think they turned out ok.
Tonight I'm going to attempt to make Crab, Avocado, & Cucumber salad like we had when we were in Kuwait.  It was my favorite dish while we were living there and it was from a Japanese restaurant that would deliver right to our door!  I miss it, needless to say.  I've searched the internet for a copy recipe, but couldn't find one, so I'm just going to wing it.  We'll see how it turns out!  I've never worked with crab before.
On Friday I took us to a Fall Fest in Boulder, which was supposed to be a festival with food, music, crafts, and lots to walk around and see.  I had this picturesque Fall scene in my head ...it didn't live up to the hype.  It was all the same stuff that's usually on Pearl street, with beer and a BBQ stand added, with some music.  The word "festival" implied so much more in my head!  So we ate our BBQ in the grass, but decided to leave and explore something else in Boulder afterwards.
I'm still running quite a bit, but have scaled back a lot since the half marathon.  I've been doing 2-4 miles every other day and just working on my pace.  I can't describe how excited I am for it to finally be cooling off and to have the time to run!
We also just booked tickets to Las Vegas in November.  It'll be the first time either of us have been, and we're meeting family there.  I'm excited about our hotel, the Aria, and don't know if I'll ever want to leave! 

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