Camping: Check!

Well we made it!  We froze though!  It got down to 36 over the night and we just weren't prepared for that kind of weather.  General slept sandwiched between us wrapped in a blanket and a fleece coat.  You know he's cold when he'll stay still to stay under the blanket!  This is the dog that I can't get to sleep on a bed to save his life.
It was a good experience, but I had forgotten how much work it was and how much stuff you need to go camping!  I consider us somewhat low maintenance - i.e. we both just brought a change of clothes and toothbrushes basically.  Even with that mentality though, we had to stop I swear 5 different places before leaving town for firewood, food, equipment, gas, ice, etc.  It was a lot.  And now everything has to be washed down because it smells like camp fire.  Lots of work!
General was a nervous sally most of the trip, he kept eating grass, but his nerves kept him close by our side which I appreciated.  It was fun having him there. 
And no bear encouters, thank goodness!
I'm seriously wiped out now though.  I think I will sleep like a rock tonight after my shivering sleepless night on the ground last night.

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