A Weekend in the Windy City

Habibi accompanied me on a work trip to Chicago this weekend.  I had to fly in Thursday to look at a commercial office interior that I just finished.  The work-related stuff only lasted about an afternoon, so we ran our butts around Chicago the rest of the time. 
We stayed in the Palmer House and it was amazing.  I gave it a 5 star on trip advisor because I was so impressed.  It really wasn't that pricey, but it felt like you were staying in a hotel that was at least 200-300 a night.  The building is so old but the rooms were modern and comfortable.  I really had no complaints.  I didn't want to leave the bed this morning!
We're home now and I just finished unpacking.  Although it was a relativly short flight, I'm worn out.  By the time we reached our door today we had been on 2 trains, a plane, a bus and a car.
Now to dive into work this week!  Luckily it'll be a short week.  I head to Virginia Beach this weekend (I know, I'm really going to try to stay put in the Fall).
Hope everyone had a great weekend!

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