Hello Motivation... I'm so glad you're back.

It was another weekend of projects. Considering it took my motivation almost 3 weeks from refinishing one measly night stand to recover, it came back with a vengeance!
I attempted to finish the other night stand table, but after sanding for 30 minutes it looked like the picture below.   So I put that project aside and added some finish stripper to my shopping list for the next project weekend.
I decided to re-finish my husband's dresser instead. I had hoped that by just painting the drawers white that it would look good and I wouldn't have to paint the whole thing.  So wrong. The whole thing definitely needs to be white, the end result isn't the best, as you can see below.

SOOoooo another unfinished project. The hardware is pretty though, huh?

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  1. You're becoming sooo domestic! Very cool hardware. Love Generals take on it all.