My Weekend Project

This weekend I started stripping one of the night stands  I found at the flea market.  I have high ambitions to re-finish not only the two nightstands, but also a dresser, our living room end tables & the coffee tables.  We'll see how much of that actually happens this summer :)

I think I over did it with the sanding.  I probably didn't need to get almost every spec of paint off - especially since it was white paint, but I'm learning.  My back is killing me this morning!  I hope to get it painted today and then do the other table next weekend. 

The other table is teal, so I really may have to get all of the existing paint off of that one so that it doesn't translate through the new white paint I plan to use. 

I feel awfully domesticated this weekend.  I bought a sewing machine and had my mom teach me how to use it while she was here.  She came up with a little zippered bag I could make out of fabric memo's I have lying around.  I tried my hand at my own on Friday night and its just ok... I got the thread knotted on the back several times.  Hopefully I get the hang of it!  I bought some Indian silk while in Kuwait and I'm determined to make big oversized pillows out of them, but don't even want to touch the fabric, in fear of ruining it, until I get a little better at the sewing machine! 

I also bought a couple more plants and spent some time in the yard with General yesteryday.  I have 5 new potted plants and I think that will be it for now since it might frost tonight.  Its supposed to be 80 degrees today, but frost tonight.... what sesnse does that make?  Maybe it'll help my allergies though, because I'm really struggling.

LAST, my husband had a pretty impressive project of his own this weekend.  I'll share those pictures soon!

Happy Weekend!

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