Last Weekend

Here are some pictures of our mini vacation with Megan & Randy.  The top picture was taken on the road on the way to Boulder.  That's Boulder in the distance.  Pretty cool, huh?  I still can't get over how you can just see for miles here.

We spent some time in Boulder, we went to the brewery again :), and then spent two days in the mountains.  I'm finally getting a little better at snowboarding!  I had no major falls and was able to come down with some speed.  Jason however, tried to do some jumps and landed on his shoulder wrong :(  So he's still recovering from that.

The snow was pretty awesome in the mountains and the weather was perfect.  I definitely agree that February is the best time to come to Colorado if you're looking to ski/snowboard! 

We went to an unfinihsed furniture store yesterday with no luck.  I'm looking for nightstand tables that I can paint for our bedroom.  The furniture there was really nice, but it was too expensive.  I'm looking for a deal if I'm going to be painting it myself and re-doing the hardware.  I might look at some consignment/flea market type places next.  I'll keep you posted!

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