Another Snow Day!

The weather did not disappoint!  Well it didn't disappoint me, I should say.  I'm sure its getting an earful from anyone that has to be outside at the moment.  We've gotten what looks like close to a foot of snow so far and its just supposed to keep snowing all day!  Its days like this that I revel in being a Texan and use it as an excuse to stay indoors and not join the traffic into work.  They can do without me for a couple of hours!  I started secretly planning on staying in my pj's with my coffee this morning when I first heard about the snow yesterday.  General and I have already been out and he happily "swam" until I couldn't take the sleet in my face any longer.

Its been a long week, but I wont complain.  Last weekend we finally bought a bed frame!  I'm so excited to not be sleeping on mattresses that are on the floor!  Of course they can't deliver it until the 11th :/ so that's kind of a bummer.  Now I'll start the search for night stand tables.  The bed we bought is a dark wood sleigh bed.  I'm thinking that I'd like to find something colorful for our night stands, but don't have anything in mind beyond that.  It'd be cool to find something old or unfinished and paint it myself!  Maybe I can finally have an excuse then to buy some of those cool door knobs at Anthropologie!  Here are a few of my favorites:

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