Gray Days

So things have been quiet around here lately.  Maybe its the weather, or that I still feel like we're coming down from the holiday-high, or maybe even just because my mind has been busy chewing away at other things lately - I don't know, but I haven't felt like doing much lately.  On my way home from work everyday I think about "How quickly can I get home and either get in bed with my book or cozy up on the couch to watch tv?".  I've even gotten lazy with cooking - frozen pizza and frozen skillet meals have been the staple as of late.  Pathetic!

I'm working on coming out of my funk though.  Its been pretty the past couple of days and I'm trying to get out and run more - its my own personal form of therapy these days.  I've also been doing a lot of "looking" for new fun things.  I thought I'd share some of my latest internet finds. 

First... Some new music for inspiration
Black Eiffel posted a list of its favorite albums from 2011 - check it out and see if there were any that you missed! {Image from Florence & the machine's website}

Next, some new dishes for the new year
Bacon Wrapped Scallops with Chilli Butter from PW- Yum!  I'm a little afraid of cooking/touching raw fish, but this doesn't look toooo scary to make and the end result looks amazing!

I'm Whitney and I love eggs.
I posted this website, Spoon, Fork, Bacon a while ago, but have forgotten to check back in.  You must check it out if you're looking for some new creative cooking ideas.  The recipes look decadent and savory, but not overly complicated.  I can't wait to try making these Baked Egg Boats!

Another find! 
I vowed after living in Kuwait and becoming completely obsessed with their hummus, that I would learn to make it.  I tried once - failed miserably - and have not tried again.  I still have not given up hope though.  Maybe I should try this recipe, I'm sure the more I practice the better it will get, right?  Making my own chips flatbread chips seems a little overly ambitious, but Sweet Potato Hummus sounds delicious!

Some new fun accessories
Modern fabric used on useful things like totes, makeup bags, and placemats.  Check them out at Outside Oslo's etsy shop

I love Aubepine's etsy shop.  I have bought at least a half dozen things from them in the past year and each piece is excellently made, unique and beautiful.  Plus the prices are completely reasonable.  They're the perfect girl-gift and better than any jewelry I would find in a mall.  I have no complaints, its an awesome find that I'd like to continue to support!

Last, things worth getting crafty with

This website How About Orange has some really cool crafty ideas!  I've saved a ton of cool ideas for later from this site.  The above picture is a tutorial on how to make this, and a couple other really cool lamps, yourself!

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  1. Too late to explore these tonight, but definitely looking into the lamp making! Fabulous finds as per your usual!