December: Week 1

Oh man, have I had a week...

It started last Wednesday with a family emergency that caused me to book a flight to Ohio the next day.  My grandmother has unfortunately seen better days.  I flew in to see her and to support my grandfather as he struggles with the reality of what may be.  I got to spend some time with my family, which was a very nice & unexpected.  I had been missing the days when we used to drive to Ohio and spend Christmas at my grandparents house when I was little.  Unfortunately the reason that we were brought together, was not a happy one, but it was still nice to see family.

When I left Denver for Ohio last week it was snowing sideways.  We were about 4" into the 8" the weather channel predicted.  The freezing temperatures and off and on again snowing has continued to tonight (tomorrow its supposed to get up to 40 degrees, woohoo!!).  My walks from my car to my work have been bone chilling!  I got to break in my fancy new rubber boots though, that I bought recently! 

I am catching up on sleep from being out of town and preparing to have company come into town next week.  We have plenty of Christmas shopping left to do too! 

We have all our decorations up though, as you saw in our last post.  Here's a picture of our Christmas trees this year.  The second is my Barbie tree.  My Gramme has bought me a Barbie ornament every year since the 90's and this is how it looks today.  My brother gets Lionel Train ornaments each year :)  I think we'll spring for a full size tree next year, but for now our little ones do the trick.

I hope everyone is enjoying this time of year. Its my favorite, despite the cold!

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  1. Didn't have time to leave a comment last time I looked at this post...but have to tell you now...I love seeing those mini socks on display!