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I've been slacking on my blogging lately.  Our world feels a little more hectic now that I'm working, and I've been just trying to catch up.  This four day Thanksgiving weekend has been WONDERFUL though.  I've tried to savor every minute, but it has still gone by too fast.  We celebrated our anniversary last week by going downtown Denver and seeing the Lion King on broadway.  We have since been fairly hermit-like.  We were able to get a bunch of stuff done, but of course not everything.  I find that I need equal parts unproductivity to productivity :)
So anyways, here's a little glimpse at what's been going on at our house over the past month...

Halloween weekend the movers came with our stuff from Kuwait!  It was completely overwhelming.  Our little house is much smaller than our place in Kuwait and we had a lot of purging to do that didn't get done before we moved overseas.  Its nice to have all our stuff in one place and we've organized/donated/put away a LOT but still have some odds and ends that need to find a home.  Its always the miscellaneous stuff that's the hardest to find a place for.  Its also tricky to find a balance of what to keep and what to toss because we have no idea what our next place will look like.  Things that work in one spot wont work in the next. 

I feel as though it doesn't look quite as messy when the photo is in black & white :)

Then it snowed for the second time this season in mid-November.  We haven't gotten snow since, but the temperatures have stayed winter-ish ever since.

My husband and his giant tv... hanging this thing was a task in itself.  I didn't help much, I'll admit. We're still working on a solution to the hanging wires, but they'll be gone soon.  As you can see, we put up our Christmas decorations this weekend.

Our "buckeye" themed trees in the front yard

And last, my project over the Thanksgiving holiday, waxing our dining room table.  Its a raw table, so we have to apply wax to seal it.  I've never done this before and had kind of put it off in fear of ruining it.  It turned out to be pretty easy though!  We'll have to do it a couple more times, but round one is complete as of last night!

The bench leg on the right has had wax applied (and is still a little wet), the leg on the left is untreated.  It added a little bit of richness to the wood.

Ta-Da!  All done.

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