Uh, wait... That can't be it!

So I've been reveling in all things Fall lately.  The leaves are turning, the air is crisp at night, college football is in full swing, and I've already made a batch of chili.  I haven't quite figured out the Colorado weather yet, but it seems to be very active.  We've had 40 degree temperature swings like its no big deal. 
 I was told tonight by a neighbor, however, that our Fall "colors" are over.  We've had a cold snap the past 2 days that brought with it wind and some light snow in some areas and apparently it will take all of our Fall "color" with it!  And here I was thinking the trees still had quite a bit of changing to go!  :(  Hopefully she was misinformed!
Above are a few pictures that I took on our front stoop this week.

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  1. That is one happy dog, love him. Will cross fingers that your neighbor was ill informed. Would be nice for you to see some color your first fall back.