I think I'm in a rut. 
The job search is going ever so slowly and I think I've organized, cooked, baked, walked, shopped, ran, biked, and explored enough for the moment.  Our stuff from Kuwait is still somewhere between here and there, so my nesting has come to a halt until I have everything in one place. 
I need a new project!

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  1. So. I know I'm a little belated on this, but I've thought of a few ideas for a new project! Or something to keep you busy. Mostly they're just things I'm waiting for a free moment to do...
    You could:
    design letterhead for your new address, or design a Christmas card for this year (I know it's early, but you have the time at this moment...)
    discover the library and some good books to read
    make tea to go with said books
    plant bulbs for a spring flower surprise!
    meet up with the A Practical Wedding (dot com) ladies in your area, after reading this seasons book club book! That's like instant new lady friends!
    learn a new craft! I don't know what you know, but there are many out there. My friend tried Ukrainian egg dying for a while last year (she's more of a painter, but paints and canvases are much more expensive than eggs!)
    Make a painting! I did this for above our bed. They are really simple (I have very little painting talent) but look good enough.

    I think I'm out of ideas for the moment, but I'll let you know if I think of anything else. :)