The Trials of High Altitude Baking

Yesterday I tried my hand at baking for the first time since we moved to Colorado.  I've made the same chocolate chip cookie recipe probably well over one hundred times, but this time they didn't turn out quite like they should.  My first, and easiest mistake to fix, was to not look at the high altitude baking modification before I finished preparing the dough.  Once I remembered to look for one, it was too late to remove some of the sugar but wasn't too late to add a little flour and water.  I added what the prescribed and the batter still looked a lot more sticky than it should have.  So I added a little more flour until it was a more appropriate consistency.  The cookies ended up tasting fine in the end, but were a little flatter and crispier than normal. 
Will have to try again soon!  What a good challenge :)

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