We're Here!

We arrived in Denver on Tuesday and we've been very productive since! We've found a house and will sign a lease in the next couple of days. We're going to stay in a hotel for another week or so to give our stuff a little more time to get here (although I think spending a couple nights sleeping on the floor waiting for our furniture may be unavoidable!).


We're excited about our new place. Its a small 3 bedroom townhome with a small garden and patio area. The garden out front is probably my favorite part, although I'm a little nervous about killing all the plants. They're on an automatic drip watering system - SURELY I can't screw that up, right?! Its in a very suburban area with TONS of running/bike paths, open spaces, and views to the mountains. There's tons of retail/restaurants nearby as well.


I'm excited to get in there and start setting everything up! Our next steps are to actually move in, buy a second car, and I'll start researching Interior Design firms (wish me luck). Lots of changes!


We're loving Colorado too. Its amazing that we just get to have the Rocky Mountains as our backdrop for the next two years. The part of the city we're living in is on the outskirts of town and is in suburban heaven. After living in Kuwait and missing the little things like walking outside, having conveniences such as a Walgreens on the corner, and as granola as it sounds... just being around nature, is all pretty exciting! I'm going to be Mrs. Suburbia for a while :)

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