Thoughts for Today

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Our time in Kuwait is winding down and we're starting to prepare for another big move - this time back to the States! We're leaving earlier than expected, which has its drawbacks and benefits. We had wanted to do some more traveling, we're very sad to leave some close friends, and our home here was just starting to feel like a home. But we're very lucky to be moving back and our new location in Colorado has the potential to be pretty cool. There's tons to do and I'm looking forward to making up for all the time I've spent indoors here in Kuwait by being outside as much as possible in Colorado! I'm also looking forward to getting our pets back. I can't wait to walk my dog!


I'm debating whether or not to continue my blog. I'm leaning towards keeping it, although I'll no longer be abroad (for now anyways). I'll just have to see how it goes and see if the little bubble that I live in stays interesting enough to blog about :)


We leave this week for our next European vacation. I can't wait to share pictures!

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