We're scuba certified! We've been working on getting the certification and finished up our open water dives this weekend. The first day was beautiful - well as beautiful as it can be for the Arabian Gulf. The water isn't very clear, but there are some tropical fish and coral - plus a sunken ship that was kind of cool. Today, however, we had rough seas. We did finish, but nearly everyone lost their breakfast several over the course of the morning (I was somehow able to hold it together thankfully). It was a rough day, but we finished.


We got very lucky yesterday and saw a Whale Shark! We were able to swim very close to it. We're told its a once in a lifetime experience, that we got lucky to see without trying and on our first open water dive. Divers go looking for them and sometimes still can't see one. They're the largest living fish species. Here's some more information on them, if you're interested - click here.

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