This Week

{ Above is a fun image done by caligrapher Alison Carmichael, click here to see her blog & list of work}
I've done a horrible job of getting anything done this week, including posting/taking pictures. To be honest though, we didn't do much that was post-worthy! It was another long week followed by nights of crashing on the couch while catching up on Glee episodes (yes, I admit it - I'm addicted).
Anyways, enough complaining :) We've booked our hotel in Florence and have nailed down the cities we will be traveling to. We'll start in Florence and then work our way south, spend some time in the Amalfi Coast & Sulmona and then end in Rome. 4 days, in 4 cities each - can't complain! Now I get to shop for cute clothes!
It's a quiet Friday morning of internet searching, while I try to concoct something delicious to make for breakfast in my mind. Another cloudless blue sky day in Kuwait... Everyone have a great weekend!

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