Kuwait National & Independence Day

OK, before you freak out.... These are pictures from the practice for the military parade that took place in Kuwait during the long holiday weekend. We're NOT being invaded :)
Judging by how excited they get over other minor holidays (honking and dancing in the streets excited), we thought this weekend was just going to be a mad house. And mind you, it probably was in some parts. We didn't see much action though by our house, not even traffic! . I guess there were supposed to be 10,000 people attending the actual military parade (not the practice you see above).
The last picture you can see the American flag being flown. Those are Kuwaiti soldiers carrying the flags somewhere.
One more day of our long weekend and then a 3 day work week. I'm LOVING it.

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  1. This is going to sound so 'momish' of me but everything is so TAN. Thought there would be some color or more white...I know they have to blend into the desert but this was a parade, right? I do see some gold buttons on the backs of their uniforms. Thought there would be more of that.