Cooking Craze

I'm on a roll! Pancakes, cappuccinos, 2 loaves of banana bread & a red pepper marinade have already come out of my kitchen today, and its only 2:00. I'm going to attempt to make the Pioneer Women's - Beef Fajita Nachos tonight. Yum!
I think I'm finally over the hump to where I feel somewhat caught up with everything and life is back to normal. My work weeks have been very long since I came back from my visit to the States. Partly because of the many deadlines as we wrap up the project I've been working on, but honestly I think it's mostly because of the temperature in the office. The building is in this sucky in between time where the weather has warmed up outside but they refuse to turn on the air conditioner yet. So its muggy and gross in my office and I think it's been wearing me out.
BUT, this 3 day weekend has been awesome. Having yesterday (Thursday) to relax, run and hang out gave me a kick start to my weekend. I caught up on sleep and now I've started the weekend off productively. The weather has been in the 70's the past few days and 60's at night. It's been great. Although I'm afraid this is the beginning of the summer's temperature rise.
Everyone enjoy your weekend!

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  1. Hey! Thanks for the new daily obsession! It's currently living on the wall over the fireplace until it's frame arrives.