I'm finally going home to visit friends and family! It hasn't even hit me yet that I'm leaving soon. I don't know if it will until I see someone. I'm so ready to be back. It'll have been over 11 months since I've seen anyone. Way too long!
I thought I'd share 10 simple things that I can't wait to do when I get back!
(This obviously doesn't include seeing friends and family & relaxing, which are the obvious #1 things I can't wait to do)

#1 - Walking my dog!
#2 - Walking out the front door (any front door really) and going for a jog around a neighborhood (Can't do that here!)
#3 - Getting my hair cut at my salon
#4 - Shopping at Target
#5 - Eating a Chipotle burrito
#6 - Eating mexican food in Texas!! (always about food, I know...)
#7 - Seeing snow & rain
#8 - Breathing fresh air
#9 - Not seeing any dishdashas or abayas
#10 - Seeing greenery (grass, trees, anything)

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  1. Can't wait to celebrate these things with you!!