Camping by the Iraqi border, no biggie...

We went out to the desert this weekend. We've been asked to go a couple of times, but have passed because it's been too hot. I'm really glad we went, it was fun! The weather was perfect too. When we left it was around 70 degrees. We were within 10 kilometers from the Iraqi border :) We got to see some camels up close and cook out over a bonfire with friends. We didn't spend the night, but it was a good time!


  1. ok - prague, I understand, munich, ditto - greece, of course (!), but camping near the Iraqi border? this I do not get! clearly the Kuwaiti heat has gone to your rule - clear your ideas thru us back home before venturing out again!! I do love the camel pictures tho!

  2. The camels are so cute! Did they spit at you?

    You are going to loooove Greece. Can't wait to see the pics!