We had a long layover in Athens on the way home from Santorini and were able to do some quick sightseeing. We took the train right into the town center of Athens where it was bustling with street vendors and tourists. We then made the hike up to the Acopolis. It was very cool to be in Athens and see the ancient buildings that I studied throughout architectural history, however, I have to say it didn't live up to the "Awww" moment I had in my mind.
Athens was very dirty and crowded with grafitti everywhere. The Acropolis was well maintained, but the cranes sticking out of the Parthenon and the roped off areas where they were doing renovation, just made it seem less exciting.
I hear there's other parts of town that are much nicer, and we only saw a small patch of it, but those were my initial reactions. I think it would be cool to see at night, because it looked like there were lights everywhere to make the top glow.
Overall though I'm really glad we got to see it. I'm all about efficiency while we're living overseas. I want to see as much as I can for as little as possible!

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