Fall Obsession?

{Picture taken last Fall in Ohio}

So somehow with Ramadan in full swing I missed fall coming to Kuwait. I had been getting off work early and was completely oblivious to the changing in temperature and the sunsets getting earlier. Starting normal work hours this week, I was pleasantly surprised when I came out in the morning and was comfortable. It was even better when I left work and the sun was almost set and there was a cool breeze (cool is relative when you're in Kuwait). Its nothing like the crisp air most of you are experiencing right now, but it is a welcome change. I guess I was distracted by the lack of water :) Its sad when 108 degrees (which was the high today) seems like a relief! I think my blood has thinned!
I can't wait to see rain next. You don't realize how much you'll miss it until you haven't seen rain, or clouds even, for a while. I'm starting to dream of rain. I can't say for sure, but I think its been at least since April since we saw a storm.

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  1. Anastasia9/17/2010

    i'd gladly share Ohio's hectic weather with you! yesterday we had several tornado warnings which sent Jasmine and i to the tub with pillows, blankets, and her mattress!