Ramadan Kareem

Isn't this house crazy? Remember the movie Richie Rich? This is a good example of the randomness of the houses here.

Isn't this house weird? It kind of reminds me of McDonalds.
Just a good ole pile of trash, no big deal... don't worry about cleaning that up

We're over halfway through Ramadan! I'll be so glad when I can bring my coffee to work again, but I could get used to the 7 hour work days! Only a month until we go on vacation. The countdown has officially begun. Summer is somewhat winding down. The heat wont be going anywhere for a while, but friends that left for the summer are coming back and the town seems to be waking up a little bit. I'm so ready for fall. I can't wait to get into Prague and just breathe fresh air!
Here are some random pictures from the past week or so. Enjoy!

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