More Finds

I saw a lot more hand painted wood objects than I think I saw before. I like it!

I love the etched metal that you see on the teapot. The bowl to the right is called a singing bowl. You use the wooden wand to tap the side and then run it around the edge to make sound. Similiar to when you run you finger around a glass of water and have it make a noise, but louder.

I love this guy! He's expensive though.

Blankets or wall hangings
Cool throw pillow medallion up close

More throw pillows

More hand painted wood. I like the colors on this one.
More shopping finds from this end of the world. I didn't buy anything this time, but I like going to see what new stuff they get in every couple of weeks or so.


  1. I love that tray! What kind of money are you talking about for these pieces??
    Blankets are interesting...are they machine made?? So much color.

  2. I like the tray too. The tray wasn't that expensive, it was 10 KD. I don't know the price of everything I posted, like the blankets, but I can tell you that the painted wood box up there is 40 KD, the little throw pillows are 6 KD, and I want to say the happy Buddha was like 80 KD (but I could be wrong about that one). To get the $ conversion multiply by about 3.5. So 10 KD is about $35.